Thursday, January 2nd 2014

Lian Li DK01 Desk-Type Chassis Prototype Unveiled

Lian Li is feeling experimental again. After taking the PC enthusiast community's opinion on the PC-A51 prototype late last year, the company undertook another such exercise, this time with an emerging form-factor, desk-type chassis, chassis that doubles up as your desk. The DK-01 prototype by Lian Li Measures 800 mm x 795 mm x 600 mm (WxHxD), the business end of the case is its top drawer, which houses your hardware, and metal u-frames that make up its legs. A clear glass or acrylic top gives you a bird's eye view of your creation from above.

The DK01 features room for a gargantuan HPTX motherboard, which means it can also hold EATX, XL-ATX, and standard ATX motherboards. The case has room for up to fourteen (14) 3.5-inch drives, which are arranged in detachable bays. Removing half the bays creates room for large motherboards, and long (up to 410 mm) add-on cards. With the caddies in place, that room shrinks to a still respectable 280 mm. The case supports PSUs as long as 280 mm, and CPU coolers as tall as 180 mm. At various locations, there is room for up to seven 120 mm fans, which you can use to deploy a 240 x 120 mm and 360 x 120 mm radiators.
More pictures follow.

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31 Comments on Lian Li DK01 Desk-Type Chassis Prototype Unveiled

The Von Matrices
I hate how manufacturers picture cases with high end hardware installed but with most of the power and data cables missing. You can talk all you want about the case looking nice in the pictures, but if it's a mess once you install the cables, then the window is pointless. Cable management is what distinguishes good windowed cases from bad ones.
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Neat little case, would be decent for someone who lives in a tiny dorm or apartment.
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pr0n Inspector
LOL this looks like a crappy desk in an elementary school.
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It would do better as a coffee table, short legs, all in black, gaming rig between sofa and TV ... it would make sense
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Ohh so many design flaws, the biggest is HDD cooling (yes they need cooling, especially if you clam up that many in a case). They ALL will need direct air flow over them, plus the exhaust capability...basically its useless for those with liquid on CPU and GPU, and several mechanical hard drives. All that ambient temperature will bake your motherboard chipset, and if you do not have liquid on your GPU, goodbye video card kabooom! (give or take half a year lol). I am currently working on one of these concepts, and while I lack the tools to make it look sharp, this is like Fisher Price on the thinking side. Looks mean nothing if it does not work. That is why I am a fan on the larger NZXT cases such as the Switch 810/Phantom 820. The only thing you can't do it it is jam a hord of hard drives, but at least your hardware is safe. Besides, if you have that many drives on a motherboard, what kind of SATA/RAID card setup do you have? Also, what motherboard is going to support a Dual GPU (becoming more common) and the drive controller cards to run all those drives....wait for it, XL-ATX, EATX, and HPTX...wait for it...crap it does not all fit, remove some components, back to a high school gamer setup (because realistically that is all that will fit in this without compromising space and PROPER cooling). Try again Lian Li, figure out your measurements and placements better.
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