Tuesday, January 7th 2014

Phanteks Launches Enthoo Primo White Edition

Award Winning Phanteks Enthoo Primo Now Available In White. Recently we saw the launch of the Phanteks Enthoo case, a well crafted chassis suitable for enthusiasts and gamers alike. Today we see the launch of the Enthoo in a nice crisp white, bringing even more variation. Integrating the touches of the black finish, the white Enthoo keeps all the same features. A subtle white LED gives off a finishing touch producing a soft lift from the top to front of the case.

Dutch designers at Phanteks have created some of the best and most efficient coolers on the market today, well known for their unique looks and colour schemes. The Enthoo Primo is a case that sets a level of it's own and it's really a monster. When you are dealing with a company that specifically design coolers, you know the capability in a case will be above and beyond. The case has clean and elegant style, with controllable LED lighting. The stealth interior covers the PSU, HDD and cables along with grommets (modular cable cover) for the most clean and sleek looking system.
For more installation flexibility, the internal HDD cases can be repositioned or removed which can also give unrestricted airflow. A closed HDD panel strengthens the chassis rigidity even when the cages have been removed. Drop-n-Lock brackets is a great feature which means SSD's can be installed on 3 different locations, the brackets are supplied with the case. For easy installation of cooling components the front and top covers can be removed along with dust filters that can be removed cleaned and reinserted with ease. Tidy cable management is always essential, the Enthoo has pre-installed management capabilities with tools behind the motherboard tray that can be fastened and released. LED ON/OFF switch is capable of controlling 4 additional LED fans and LED strips. The case has space for up to 2 PSU's.

Now we get to the cooling, and this is pretty special! Phanteks have hit the nail on the head with this and it would be expected from a company passionate about thermal solutions. The Enthoo has up to 16 fan mount locations (120mm / 140mm) and comes stocked with 5 of Phanteks's new PH-F140SP premum 140mm fans. The PWM hub will enable PWM functions to 3-pin fans. A max number of 11 fans can be connected to the hub. The thermally isolated PSU location directs heat away from critical components. Extensive watercooling can be supported in the case and support provides 5 different installation locations for thin and thick radiators from single all the way to quad along with clearance for push-pull fan configurations. The case has innovative liquid cooling mounting systems which include :
  • Radiator brackets allows for easy installation (bottom and side).
  • Modular cable cover with pre-drilled holes for mounting reservoirs.
  • Rear reservoir mounting location.
  • Universal pump bracket with vibration dampening function.
Case specifications
  • Dimension 250 mm x 650 mm x 600 mm (W x H x D)
  • Form Factor Full tower
  • Material(s) Aluminum faceplates, Steel chassis
  • Motherboard support ATX, EATX, mATX, SSI EEB
  • Front I/O 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Mic, Headphone,
  • LED switch
  • Side window Yes, split-window design
Expansion & Drive Bays
  • Expansion slots 8
  • Power supply slots 2
  • External 5.25" 5
  • Internal 3.5" 6 (2x 3HDD cages)
  • Internal 2.5" 12 (2x 3HDD cages + 2x doublestack SSD brackets*expandable to 3x)
  • 120mm 140mm
  • Front 2x 2x (2x included with LED)
  • Top 4x 3x (1x included)
  • Side 2x 2x
  • Rear 2x 1x (1x included)
  • Bottom 4x 2x (1x included)
  • HDD 2x -
Liquid Cooling
  • 120mm Radiator 140mm Radiator
  • Front Up to 240
  • Top Up to 480 Up to 420
  • Side (w/o HDD cages) Up to 240
  • Rear 120 140
  • Bottom Up to 480 Up to 280
  • Graphic card 257 mm (reservoir bracket installed)
  • 277 mm (reservoir bracket installed w/o cover)
  • 350 mm (no reservoir bracket)
  • 390 mm (HDD cages in front position)
  • 515 mm (no HDD cages)
  • CPU cooler 207 mm
  • Cable management 30 mm
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