Tuesday, February 11th 2014

G-Technology Expands Its Thunderbolt External Hard Drive Family

G-Technology, a leader in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the creative professional market, today announced that it is shipping its new G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt and G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt external storage solutions. Supporting the growing base of Thunderbolt-enabled Mac and PC computers, the two new drives set the standard for consumers and professionals looking for one of the fastest desktop or mobile Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 storage solutions on the market. Both drives incorporate a high-performance 7,200 RPM hard drive, come with a sleek, durable aluminum enclosure, and are plug-and-play on Mac but can be easily reformatted for Windows.
"G-Technology is dedicated to giving today's consumers and creative professionals storage solutions that can keep up with their demanding workflows and fast-paced lives," said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, G-Technology. "Complementing our current G-DOCK ev, G-DRIVE PRO and G-RAID with Thunderbolt solutions, G-Technology now offers a family of solutions - from RAID solutions to single-drive desktop and mobile solutions - that fit virtually any storage or creative workflow need."

G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt
The new 4 TB G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt is a high-performance storage solution featuring ultra-fast Thunderbolt and a USB 3.0 interface in a solid all-aluminium enclosure. Using the Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 interface, the drive delivers up to 165 MB/s sustained data transfer rates. It also features an integrated heat-sink that enables a cool and quiet operation, making it the ideal solution for storage-intensive applications like audio/video editing or digital photography. For a quick and easy setup, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables are included. The G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt is now available. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $399.95 for the 4 TB and $299.95 for 3 TB.

G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt
The G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt is a sleek, high-performance portable storage solution for on-the-go users. The G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt offers up to 1 TB capacity and is bus-powered, so laptop users do not need to weigh down their gear bags with an external AC power supply. The drive delivers up to 136 MB/s sustained data transfer rates using Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. It comes with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables, and is Time Machine compatible for quick backups of documents, music, digital video and photos. Now shipping, the 1 TB G-DRIVE mobile with Thunderbolt has an MSRP of $219.95.

G-Technology also announced today that the G-DRIVE PRO with Thunderbolt is now shipping. Based on G-Technology's high-quality G-DRIVE design, the G-DRIVE PRO is empowering today's independent professionals and other small production studios with a more cost-effective, efficient storage solution for supporting 2K and 4K digital cinema, 2K DLSR/photography and other digital content creation workflows. Delivering data transfer rates of up to 480 MB/s, the new G-DRIVE PRO with Thunderbolt is a performance leader in the desktop, external hard drive category. It is easily transportable for editing in the field or in the studio, and has dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining with other Thunderbolt-enabled devices. The G-DRIVE PRO is available with 4 TB for a MSRP of $849.95, or with 2 TB for a MSRP of $699.95.
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Gaming Moderator
Or buy a 4TB 7200 RPM drive for $100 and then buy a USB 3.0 enclosure for $50.
Problem solved. This no longer needs to be on the market.
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