Thursday, February 13th 2014

LEPA Releases the LPC306 Midi-Tower PC Case

With the new midi tower LPC306, LEPA releases a classy and functional chassis for representative gaming PCs and workstations. The well-thought internal structure gives room for individual system configurations. The user-friendly mounting mechanisms and various functions allow for a quick and comfortable PC assembling.

Efficient Data Storage Management & Support of Multi-GPU Systems
The LPC306 accommodates up to seven hard disks: Three 2.5" drives (SSD or HDD) can be mounted in the upper cage, while the bottom cage houses three 3.5" drives and one 2.5" drive. In order to improve the fresh air supply from the front, the brackets of the upper cage can be removed. That way, LPC306 also supports longer graphics cards with maximum 390 mm length. Seven extension card slots enable the installation of multi-GPU configurations with up to three graphics cards.
Two USB 3.0 Interfaces & Extendable Cooling System
For a speedy data transfer with external USB devices, the midi tower provides two USB 3.0 ports which are conveniently positioned on the front panel. LPC306 comes with one pre-installed 12cm fan at the rear side. Additionally, the cooling system can be upgraded with two fans behind the front and two fans at the side panel.

High-Quality Rubber Coating & Three Colour Variants
LEPA applies a solid rubber coating on the front which effectively shields from scratches and fingerprints. In combination with the coloured mesh frame, the matt black LPC306 with its timeless and elegant appearance is an interesting chassis for users who prefer a decent and clean design.

LEPA offers three colour versions with black (LPC306B-B), red (LPC306B-R) and green (LPC306B-G) mesh frame. The new tower is now available for sale at a MSRP of 39.90 Euro (incl. VAT).
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5 Comments on LEPA Releases the LPC306 Midi-Tower PC Case

Front intake seems a bit restrictive and 3 5.25" bays is a bit excessive IMO.

I can't get over the fact that manufacturers still think it's a great idea to include so may HDD slots in these mid tower cases, however I don't need a ton of storage so I'm a bit biased in that department.

Other than that this is a decent case for around $55 USD. This reminds me of a bitfenix case as well.
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it showing it has 3 5.25" bay but when you look at the front, there only 2 slot for 5.25"? the top is taken by the IO ports and power button. Purposely built that way for top mount 240/280 AIO water cooling?
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Csokis said:
It's a Bitfenix Shinobi design (externally).
yeah, the red line reminds me of bitfenix design
but the internal looks ok
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Copy-Paste Bitfenix. Great Job Lepra.
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