Friday, February 14th 2014

OWC Introduces the ThunderBay IV Four-Bay Drive

Other World Computing (OWC), a leading zero emissions Mac upgrade and storage technology company expanded its line of Thunderbolt interface storage products with the addition of the OWC ThunderBay IV four-bay external high-performance drive.

High-Performance Four-Bay Design
The ThunderBay IV, available in capacities up to 16 TB of total storage, adds tremendous storage capacity and throughput to any Mac or PC with a Thunderbolt port. Applications such as A/V post-production, photography, music, graphics, data management, and even Time Machine backups are enhanced with access to data at sustained data rates of up to 887 MB/s read, 884 MB/s write.
Flexible for Individual Storage Needs
The ThunderBay IV supports independent drive access of up to four installed drives, is fully RAID ready, and is ideal for RAID 0, 1, and 5 configurations. Even combinations of RAID, individual drive(s) or multiple RAID sets are possible with OWC ThunderBay IV.

"We're excited about the speed, capacity and flexibility that the ThunderBay IV can offer," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "It's the perfect mix of high-capacity storage with blazing fast Thunderbolt technology performance."

Daisy Chain Capable
ThunderBay's dual Thunderbolt ports allow daisy chaining of up to five additional devices plus one high-resolution display. Currently, up to 96 TB of storage plus a display can be added using the ThunderBay IV solution with any Mac (or PC) via a single available Thunderbolt port.

Solid, Reliable, and Cool
A durable aluminum enclosure protects the four internal drives and keeps them cool thanks to its superior heat dissipation. In addition, the locking faceplate keeps the installed drives secure at all times.

The Perfect Drive for Mac Pro Data Migration
No need to give up the versatility of drive bays when migrating from a Mac Pro tower to the Mac Pro 2013. Simply plug in the ThunderBay IV to a Mac Pro and see four drives with a Thunderbolt interface capable of running all drives at full speed - just as if installed internally. Users will have the speed and power of the Mac Pro, with the drive capacity and flexibility of previous generations, all with the extreme speed of Thunderbolt technology.

Key Features Include:
  • RAID-ready for performance of up to 887 MB/s read, 884 MB/s write
  • Plug & Play ready on any Mac or PC with Thunderbolt interface
  • OWC Heavy Duty Power Supply for exceptional performance and reliability
  • Front panel security lock with two keys
  • Independent Drive support to allow use of any mix of one to four drives for RAID or JBOD
  • Two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining
  • Support for High-Capacity Hard Drives for maximum storage needs
  • 1.0 meter certified Thunderbolt cable included
  • User Guide
  • Utility software bundle for Mac and PC
  • OWC Limited Warranty: up to 3 Years
Pricing and Availability:
The OWC ThunderBay IV is available for immediate ordering from OWC and select retailers in the following configurations:

Add-Your-Own Drive Enclosure Kit $494.99
4.0 TB (1 TB x four (4) 7200RPM) $699.99
8.0 TB (2 TB x four (4) 7200RPM) $869.99
12.0 TB (3 TB x four (4) 7200RPM) $979.99
16.0 TB (4 TB x four (4) 7200RPM) $1,399.99

480 GB (120 GB x four (4) OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro SSD) $979.99
1.0 TB (240 GB x four (4) OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro SSD) $1,379.99
2.0 TB (480 GB x four (4) OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro SSD) $2,079.99
4.0 TB (960 GB x four (4) OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro SSD) $3,699.99

For more information on the OWC ThunderBay IV, visit:
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