Tuesday, March 4th 2014

Sharkoon Announces BD28 Gaming Tower

The Sharkoon BD28 is a tailored gaming ATX case in a brawny design, which is available in the exterior colors black and gunmetal. With the black version, the colors red, blue or green can be selected for the interior finish with the front LEDs and case fans also illuminating in the corresponding color. The gunmetal edition is available with two blue LED fans and a black interior finish. The provided acrylic side panel provides insight into the inner workings. Thanks to the issued side panels and its 235 mm width, installation of very large tower coolers with a maximum height of 179 mm is ensured. Extra-long graphics cards of up to 415 mm can also be installed due to its modular hard drive management. While fully equipped with the maximum number of 2.5" hard drives/SSDs the case still offers enough space for VGA cards up to 325 mm.
A low-noise 120 mm fan is pre-installed behind the massive mesh front and also in the back of the BD28. In addition, it offers flexible fan installation possibilities with either two 120 mm, two 140 mm or one 180 mm fans can be mounted on the top with a dust filter. An additional 120 mm fan can be installed in the front.

Two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 as well as two audio ports in the front offers fast access for the connection of peripheral devices. In the event that the mainboard does not have an internal 19-pin USB 3.0 connector, the USB 3.0 ports can also optionally be used in USB 2.0 mode.

The case offers two 5.25" drive bays for the screwless installation of optical drives. A 5.25" adapter is included for the installation of card readers or other devices in 3.5" format. Up to three 3.5" hard drives as well as four 2.5" hard drives/SSDs can be mounted without screws using the rail system and included rails. Additionally, if needed, another 2.5" hard drive/SSD can be attached to the case floor. For orderly cabling the BD28 offers a cable management system. Lastly, it offers an installation opening for a CPU cooler and two openings for water cooling.

End customers will find the Sharkoon BD28 ATX case available for the suggested retail price starting from 49.99 euros in authorized retailers.
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3 Comments on Sharkoon Announces BD28 Gaming Tower

Is 10:15 in the morning too early to start drinking? I need to forget that I ever saw this case.
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the side window looks ok. it reminds me of transformers theme, the internal layout is standard. but the front bezel is duh, like bunch of bricks
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Marty 1480
This looks like a really nice case, better then all the slick cases of late with fingerprint magnets on the front door. So bad in fact that some reviews have to use gloves to do the unboxing videos. Not very practical.
The gunmetal version of this case looks nice, especially with the blue lighting.
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