Wednesday, March 12th 2014

Puget Systems Launches New Laptops with NVIDIA 800M Graphics

Puget Systems is excited to announce the launch of four new models of our Traverse laptops, which include the new NVIDIA 800M series graphics. These graphics cards bring higher performance, greater efficiency, and new features such as Battery Boost. That balances performance and power consumption by assessing characteristics of the load your laptop is under and adjusting performance on the fly. As a result these new NVIDIA GPUs are 15-60% faster than the previous generation.

Our Traverse V Series features an NVIDIA GTX 860M video card, making it an excellent general purpose laptop. When not under load the dedicated GPU is disabled via NVIDIA Optimus technology, allowing the integrated Intel graphics to take over. This provides lower power draw, longer battery life, and quieter operation. When that video power is needed, the NVIDIA graphics enable and seamlessly take over.
Our Traverse Pro M Series is designed for power users and those who need greater customization and flexability in their laptop. The graphics module can be changed, allowing us to install no dedicated GPU at all - leaving the sytem to run on low power Intel graphics - or we can install an NVIDIA GTX 870M, GTX 880M, or Quadro video card. Like the video options, the rest of the laptop is suited for a high degree of customization. With FOUR memory slots, and up to FIVE bays for various drives, these units provide amazing capacity for a mobile PC.
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