Friday, March 14th 2014

Philips Unveils New, 23-Inch Miracast Display

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces the brand-new 239C4QHWAB 23-inch Philips Miracast display with connectivity based on the Miracast standard, enabling users to stream mobile content wirelessly from their Android devices - and enjoy an immersive multimedia experience with vibrant colour, brilliant resolution and full HD quality.

From handheld to big screen - entertainment the Miracast way
Nowadays households have a range of small-screen devices - and it's natural for people to want to share content from their smartphones and tablets with friends and family by streaming videos and photos to a larger screen in the home. With support for the Miracast standard, the 23-inch Philips Miracast display can mirror content from other Miracast-certified Android smartphones and tablets, enabling people to share a real-time high-definition multimedia experience.
Miracast is activated on the display simply by clicking a button on the keypad in the base. Essentially, it is like HDMI without the cabling: there is no need for cables and connectors, and no need to clutter the clean lines of the living space with a tangle of wiring. Once Miracast is enabled on the display, and a known device is identified, everything - from the general interface to apps and videos - is duplicated in dazzling HD quality on the larger screen.

Users with non-Miracast certified devices don't have to forgo big-screen display performance, either: the Philips display also supports MHL, enabling people to hook up their mobile devices via an optional MHL cable, and watch HD videos come to life with full digital sound.

Display performance that's made for sharing
The Philips Miracast display has a slim silhouette and offers a viewing experience that is well worth sharing. The IPS LED technology delivers excellent image and colour accuracy with an extra wide viewing angle, making it easy for friends and family to gather round and watch together. The IPS technology delivers clean, sharp images with vivid colours, ensuring maximum quality for the HD viewing experience. The Miracast display is also packed with smart features to deliver optimum display performance whatever the scenario. SmartImage, for example, analyses the content displayed on the screen and adjusts the contrast and colour accordingly. SmartKolor enhances the visual colour range on the display, and SmartContrast delivers rich detail for an immersive viewing experience.
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