Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

Streacom Launches MH1 Mini Heatpipe Kit for FC8 Evo

Streacom introduces the MH1 Mini Heatpipe Kit which increases the motherboard compatibility of the fanless FC8 Evo chassis. Designed to replace the stock heatpipes supplied with the FC8 Evo, the MH1 kit contains a full set of mini copper heatpipes with a diameter of 6mm. These shorter heatpipes have been designed to allow for motherboards with CPU socket locations that are positioned towards the right side of the motherboard (close to the heatsink sidepanel), greatly expanding the range of motherboards that are compatible with the FC8 Evo, including for example boards with Intel's H87 chipset. For more information on the CPU socket coverage area and example motherboards, see our System Build Guide.
The MSRP of the Streacom MH1 Mini Heatpipe Kit is 25.90 Euro. It will be available at our distributers in early June. For more information about the kit, visit the product page.
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I can get a whole heatsink + fan with that many pipes at lower price, what a scam.
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