Monday, April 28th 2014

Speedlink Launches New Wireless Speakers

The warm season is just around the corner and the first rays of sunshine have awoken a zest for summer. To mark the start of the summer months SPEEDLINK, the specialist in audio systems, is launching not one but six new Bluetooth speakers. They're available in a variety of colours, form factors and performance classes, for a truly melody-filled start to spring. Thanks to these cordless marvels of sound, this summer music lovers will always have the right soundtrack available to suit any situation. Thanks to the speakers' integrated rechargeable battery all they need to do is charge the speaker and take it with them to enjoy their favourite songs and summer hits wherever they go - whether hitting the beach, taking a romantic stroll or at a BBQ with mates. Enjoy the wireless soundtrack of YOUR life!

The SPEEDLINK brand is steeped in tradition, and with the CUBID, XILU, TOKEN and GEOVIS it is proving that its portfolio doesn't just include incredible 2.1 sound systems and headsets. The first Bluetooth speaker, the XILU is available from retailers now and has already been awarded a 'Good' rating by German website Macwelt. In doing so it joins the ranks of SPEEDLINK's multi award-winning speaker series. The CUBID, a similarly compact yet powerful speaker, has now also been added to the lineup. Thanks to its integrated microphone, this speaker can also be used as a hands-free device. The TOKEN boasts more volume and is the perfect mobile companion thanks to its ultra-grippy rubberised finish. What's more, up to eight devices can be connected to it simultaneously. This makes switching between sources a real breeze plus it lets different devices take their turn playing DJ to supply the tunes. The TOKEN is available in the colour combos of white/red or black/red. The GEOVIS is available in three colours (red/white, grey/white and black/grey) plus its additional base membrane delivers thumping bass.
Those who prefer more umph will find the model of fully-fledged stereo speaker they're looking for in the next performance class up. The range of standard Bluetooth speakers is flanked by the GANTRY and TONOS. These round off the new speaker lineup. Thanks to its integrated Downfire Membrane the GANTRY pumps out impressively rich sound and gutsy bass, making it the perfect speaker for intense electro beats and loud guitar riffs. Thanks to NFC technology, 'pairing' takes just a few seconds to connect the Bluetooth devices. The GANTRY has a hands-free function and line-in socket allowing any audio source to be connected to the stylish speaker. And if the 3W RMS output of the GANTRY isn't enough, those who want even more power will find what they're looking for in the TONOS which boasts 5W RMS. With a battery life of up to 16 hours, it's the perfect companion for long summer days. Also equipped with NFC and hands-free functionality, thanks to its integrated powerbank function the TONOS can also be a lifesaver when power levels are running low. It's a true all-rounder which delivers high-quality sound wirelessly and keeps the audio source powered in an emergency. All speakers are available now from retailers.
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The speaker shown reminded me of an old alarm clock.

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