Friday, May 16th 2014

LEPA Unveils Four New Barometric Oil-less Bearing Fans

LEPA, the LED fan expert, announces its new series of fans, including the LEPA CASINO 4C Advance; LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM; LEPA BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed and the LEPA VORTEX 88C.

The four series feature the patented BOL (Barometric Oil-less) bearing, a self-lubricating design with nano-particles. BOL bearing features for minimal friction operation and is quieter than traditional 2 ball-bearing designs; the special nano-particles are especially applied for using in a high working ambient, with MTBF≧160,000 hours.
The BOL.QUIET PWM fan equips the new S-Blade. The S-Blade composed with an advanced winglet structure, which can minimize the turbulence and stabilize the output airflow. It has LEPA's modular frame with LEPA logo halo ring, a special design to absorb more air from 4 slides of the frame and enhance the cooling performance. The PWM control leads to a fan speed / silent management via the system setting. LEPA BOL.QUIET PWM is available in 4 x blue or red LED.
LEPA also offers the alternative of non-LED fan for users. BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed allows users to choose performance, silent or ultra silent mode respectively by an extra 7V/5V adapter. It also has the LEPA modular frame with LEPA logo halo ring design and the S-Blades.
LEPA CASINO 4C Advance offers 4 colored LEDs (blue, red, green and white) with 5 adjustable light effects, providing the most colorful and splendid lighting show for mod system. Furthermore, its vortex frame concentrates air flow to cool hot spots directly and the patented Barometric Oil-less (BOL) Bearing is used for extreme silent operation @ 88oC ambience. CASINO 4C has combined with PWM function for speed and noise control, the LEPA CASINO 4C Advance is incomparable.
The VORTEX 88C performs silence operation and durability by the BOL Bearing and new "S" shape blade with winglet design. The Vortex frame design concentrates air flow to cool hot spots directly It also provides extremely silent operation with ≧ 160,000 hours MTBF @ 88oC ambience! In addition, all series come with rubber screws to reduce vibration and maintain silent performance during operation.
  • BOL.QUIET PWM $14.99
  • BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed $12.99
  • Casino 4C Advance $18.99
  • VORTEX 88D $12.99
Available: July 2014
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10 Comments on LEPA Unveils Four New Barometric Oil-less Bearing Fans

Now for the follow-up press release wherein LEPA finally decides to tell us the size of the bloody things.
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They look like 120mm to me.
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M0rt said:
Now for the follow-up press release wherein LEPA finally decides to tell us the size of the bloody things.
I would settle for some ballpark claim in performance, but yeah...size is also a good thing to know. :laugh:

Press release failure all-around, but when it starts off '[compared to] traditional 2-ball bearing', which is probably an honest statement, it's a pretty good indication it's not something anyone reading this site (ie anyone that actually cares) would choose anyway.

Wouldn't be surprised if lasts a similarly long time, but I don't know why anyone would consider anything but FDB or SSO. But hey, it's your ears/wallet.
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Enermax and by extension Lepa have just about the quietest bearings/motors you can get in any orientation, so I doubt they'd be moving backwards with this new design. Their real battle has always been with finding a good blade shape.
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So few and far between good fan reviews out there, I guess it pays to go the bling marketing route. 160 Kh MTBF sounds good though, but will they actually be any better than say a Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoon? Nidec makes quite some fans for the industry, kinda proven stuff compared to this I think?
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TPU addict
Booo no 38mm pssh...
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I am sure its a good fan and all, but i have yet to find a fan giving more performance for the price than the arctic cooling F12, would be interesting to see how low the LEPA fans can go (the F12 goes down to 400rpm)
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Crazy MTBF, basically you buy these fans, fall in love, marry, have kids and when they become adults you buy new fans
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The fans look pretty good, but looks like no 140mm in all the styles shown, only the vortex. I went withe the Cougar CRD140's and 120's for my new Z97 build.
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