Tuesday, May 20th 2014

Galaxy GeForce GTX 770 HOF ICE to Feature Frosty White FC Block

Galaxy's HOF (hall of fame) line of graphics cards for overclockers is characterized by the company's unique choice of white colored PCBs. The company is giving final touches to a GeForce GTX 770-based graphics card that's prepped for liquid cooling, and comes with a factory-fitted, full-coverage water-block. The block is unlike anything we've seen before. Its top and fitment ports are frosty white, with a brushed aluminium accent along its center-right. The actual card isn't pictured yet, but something tells us that Galaxy could reuse the PCB of its air-cooled GTX 770 HOF. We're not sure who's behind the block, but given that EKWB designed frosty-white blocks for Galaxy/KFA2 cards in the recent past, Galaxy may have approached it for the goods. There's no word on when Galaxy will launch the liquid-cooled GTX 770 HOF.
Sources: ChinaDIY, VideoCardz
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Looks like a knock off of the previous EK blocks as there is no EK logo (usually even with custom blocks for powercooler they still have something) and the bridge is wrong and the bevelling is different - and if it's actually an aluminum plate then no one will buy it because of galvanic corrosion concerns. The metal plate on the outside is normally stainless steel for that reason. If it is a knockoff made by an unknown company then that's pretty sad when EK were already happy to make blocks for the HOF cards.
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