Thursday, May 29th 2014

GIGABYTE Also Unveils the P15F v2 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop

GIGABYTE announced the all-new 15.6" gaming laptop P15F v2, featuring a gaming-level discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (scoring P4637 in 3DMark 11) and power-efficient 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor for an all-round gaming performance. Its dual storage supports rapid SSD and spacious HDD for ultimate processing efficiency and storage convenience. The 1080p Full HD matte anti-glare display renders stunning visuals while Sound Blaster Cinema sound quality optimization technology creates an immersive audio experience. Coming in quality matte black finish, P15F v2 blends an extra bit of sleekness into its angular diamond lines, turning this gaming machine into a great partner for daily computing.

Striking a perfect balance between online gaming and smart office, the P15F v2 caters to value seekers who weigh performance as much as practicality.
Powerful yet Flexible: Superior GTX 850M & Multi Storage
The powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M DDR3 surges to P4637 in 3DMark11 and 4th-gen Intel Core i7 Processor improved power efficiency in the P15F v2. Its dual storage, including a 512 GB mSATA SSD and a massive 1.5 TB HDD, delivers lighting speed and massive storage at one shot. The ingenious design of simple-swap DVD-ROM / HDD Bay supports an optional third storage, bringing more flexibilities as well as opportunities for gamers. The P15F v2 brings the best value to gamers' investment, maximizing gaming experiences and practicality while minimizing the time cost.

Theatrical Gaming Experience with Sound Blaster Cinema
The embedded Sound Blaster Cinema Audio Technology delivers crystal-clear sound and extraordinary audio experience, refining every listening moment into an exceptional audio feast. Users would definitely find modes fine-tuned for gaming, music and movies easily accessible yet fully-tailored to specific backgrounds for different scenarios. The 15.6'' Full HD matte display panel diffuses light, eliminates reflections, and improves viewing angles, creating the most realistic gaming experience. The immersive theatrical performance on P15F v2 guarantees the most engaging gaming experience on the mobile platform for stay or on the go.

Full-function gaming gear provides great performance
P15F v2 employs a full-range chiclet keyboard with independent numeric pad, making it a real delight to use for either gaming or typing. The keys are plenty large, ensuring excellent typing feedback and premium user comfort even after long hours of gaming. Aside from full-throttle gaming, the all-around features of P15F v2 create multiple scenarios and unmatched values for multiple attributes of users' lives.
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This announcement is not new.
An ETA would be useful, for those of us who are interested in getting one.
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sorry but mate-antiglare screens look like ubber crap compared to a nice glossy one. For games and movies I mean, not for office work.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Prima.Vera said:
sorry but mate-antiglare screens look like ubber crap compared to a nice glossy one. For games and movies I mean, not for office work.
Glossy screens is the work of the devil!
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Frick said:
Glossy screens is the work of the devil!
Matte screens are actually glossy screens with a stick-on matte film. You can essentially removed this film and restore a matte screen into a glossy screen. With results being increased clarity and light transmission but also more glare/reflection.

With that said, I really love this hybrid matte/glossy screen on my Dell U3011, its not as grainy as the mainstream matte screens and its definitely not glossy, just the right mix to not get "sparkly" effects when looking into bright areas but with adequate glare reduction.
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