Monday, June 2nd 2014

In Win Unveils S-Frame, Unique Single-piece Chassis

No, it's not a winshield sunshade an In Win employee brought to the show floor. It's the company's unique new single-piece chassis, made by folding a single piece of anodized aluminium, with holes punched at the right places, so you could screw in your motherboard, add-on cards, drives, and power supply. Since the case is cast out of a 3 mm-thick sheet, there's no chance of your 3 kg high-end PSU, 700 g hard drive, or 1 kg graphics card bending it in any way. Pictured here are the various stages in which the S-Frame is built.
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4 Comments on In Win Unveils S-Frame, Unique Single-piece Chassis

Sp33d Junki3
In-Win is mofo crazy ideas. I like the black/orange look.
Want to see a system built.
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In-Win have been kicking ass for a while now. That's what I call to reinvent yourself. From a brand associated with cheap stuff, to custom unique cases. I really enjoy them go for it. Inspiring!
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Truely constantly innovating, this is awesome!
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I'd love to see it with hardware.
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