Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

DeepCool Unveils Four New Steam Castle Color Options

DeepCool unveiled four new color options for its Steam Castle line of steampunk themed micro-ATX cubical cases. Pictured below, these new trims include piano-black, red with a dash of black, white with a dash of red, and yellow with a dash of chrome. The cases feature room for micro-ATX or mini-ITX motherboards, up to 180 mm tall CPU coolers, up to 300 mm long graphics cards, four 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays, and a characteristic ventilation system, with four 80 mm top vent fans, which give the case, the appearance of an engine block (or at least attempt to).
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Gaming Moderator
That yellow case is, quite frankly, frightening. And those 80mm fans gonna be loud. Just plain impractical! 240mm rad mounting space is more useful, and will be the deciding factor for many buyers.

Interestingly, the OEM for the metal frame innerds is the same as the mATX Prodigy, and mATX Dead Silence.
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This framework has become a true chameleon in many different shapes and colors. It is more an air-oriented design and layout slot at the top is screwed any good liquide colleng option.
However, it is still less used and plugin to disks are not added to the case as one would expect .
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WOW! These are ugly! o_O
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Damn DeepCool wtf? That's just nasty...
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with some heavy modding it has potential..... two res tubes in the front and a rusted out paint job.... major cool.
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A case only a mother could love...
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I actually like these, guess I'm just too fashion forward.

I know, I know.... :shadedshu:
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