Monday, June 3rd 2013

DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound Technology Coming to G-Star Gaming Headphones

DTS Inc., a leader in high-definition audio solutions and audio enhancement technologies, today announced that its DTS Headphone:X surround sound technology is being incorporated into headphone designs from G-Star Industrial Co Ltd, a leading global original design manufacturer of headsets and headphones for the PC and gaming industries. The new DTS Headphone:X-powered headphones will be on display and demonstrated at Computex in Taiwan, June 3-4, 2014.

DTS Headphone:X is an advanced technology that expands and focuses sound far beyond the boundaries of a pair of headphones, allowing listeners to hear their favorite content as if it is coming from multiple speakers located around and above them, simulating a real-world audio environment. The new G-Star headset designs featuring DTS Headphone:X technology provide powerful 7.1 surround sound that dramatically enhances the consumers' experience when gaming, listening to music, or watching videos and movies.
"When it came to offering our brand partners new headphones that deliver a radically enhanced listening experience, working with DTS to integrate our product line with the DTS Headphone:X technology was an obvious solution," said Leo Shih, G-Star product manager. "We believe that DTS Headphone:X will quickly become a standard audio technology for PC and video game enthusiasts who want to be immersed in the on-screen action of their favorite games, and that consumers will also enjoy the way the technology allows them to experience their music and movies."

"Quality of experience is one of the most important factors to consumers when purchasing any CE product, especially headphones," said Brian Towne, president, Asia-Pacific, DTS. "DTS Headphone:X is one of the most exciting technologies that DTS has ever brought to market because of the completely unique experience that the technology delivers. We are excited to be working with G-Star to offer their customers access to advanced gaming headphone designs capable of recreating an unrivaled sense of immersion from all content types."

G-Star will be showcasing its all-new DTS Headphone:X-powered headphones at Computex Tapei, Exhibit Hall 1, Booth: IF C112 in the Tapei International Convention Center.
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Hmmm... Looking forward to it's PC implementation.
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Easy Rhino
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I'm sorry but the accompanying picture is hilarious!
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