Friday, June 6th 2014

Streacom Also Shows off NC3 Hexagonal Fanless NUC Chassis

In addition to its F12C gaming/HTPC chassis, Streacom also showed off a unique fanless chassis for Intel's NUC, the NC3. Pictured below, the NC3 is dressed for the CEO's desk. From the top it looks hexagonal in shape, with its central portion holding the NUC board, one of its triangles (black ABS plastic) holding a storage compartment; while its other triangle makes up a chunky aluminium heatsink for the CPU and core logic. Internally, a heat-pipe fed base connects the CPU to the body, which doubles up as its heatsink. Its rear I/O has cutouts for a pair of USB 3.0 ports, the RJ45 (Ethernet) connector, a mini-HDMI, and a mini-DisplayPort. The front panel, on the other hand, features connectors for not just a couple of USB 3.0 ports, and the power button, but also drops in an infrared receiver.
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What you forgot to mention is that they'll open source the plastic part so people can print it in their own colours or make modifications to it so they can fit an internal drive etc.
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I like how with concepts like NUC you have companies doing crazy things simply because the concept is less established.

With existing parts, we can barely get companies to make decent cube-shaped cases that aren't either el cheapo or Richie McRichiebritches-oriented.
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It looks like modern paver :peace:
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Ferrum Master
Robot head... put some eyes in the fort and voila...

Where is that terminator skeleton... :D
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