Friday, June 13th 2014

GIGABYTE Also Introduces the Q2556N v2 15.6-Inch Media Laptop

GIGABYTE announced the Q2556N v2 powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M graphics and 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. The Q2556N v2 provides class-leading performance as well as rich multimedia features, capable of high-def video playback and multitasking at ease. Its massive dual-storage system (up to 512 GB mSATA SSD + 3 TB HDD), flexible design of simple-swap and remove ODD / HDD slot, and Sound Blaster Cinema technology maximizes multimedia convenience and storage flexibility.

For users seeking an all-around laptop designed with value in mind, Q2556N v2 caters just to the demands for both work and play.
Outstanding Performance with Latest NVIDIA GT 840M Graphics
With the latest NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 2 GB and 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, the Q2556N v2 renews the boundaries of all-around laptop graphics, offering enhanced media experience for games and multimedia. Its dual-storage features a 512 GB mSATA SSD and a whopping maximum of 3 TB HDD, granting users blazing-fast speed as well as massive storage. The ingenious design of simple-swap DVD-ROM / HDD slot supports an optional third storage, achieving unprecedented flexibility without any compromise in mobility.

Immersive Entertainment with Sound Blaster Cinema Technology
The embedded Sound Blaster Cinema Audio Technology delivers crystal-clear sound and extraordinary audio experience, refining every listening moment into an exceptional audio feast. Users would definitely find the fine-tuned modes for gaming, music and movies easily accessible and are fully-tailored to specific environment in every user's daily life. Along with the built-in extraordinary audio system, the Q2556N v2 guarantees an immersive theatrical experience whether the user is home, at work or on the go.

Optimal Experience gets an Upgrade
Q2556N v2 employs a full-sized chiclet keyboard with independent numeric pad, which is a real delight to use for typing. The keys are plenty large, ensuring excellent typing feedback and premium user comfort even after long hours of use. The Q2556N v2 features angular diamond lines in quality matte black textured finish, creating an all new unique design element. The elegant texture with amazing array of features makes the versatile Q2556N v2 create an unmatched value for multiple attributes of users' lives.
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3 Comments on GIGABYTE Also Introduces the Q2556N v2 15.6-Inch Media Laptop

Interesting specs. If the price is reasonable, I might recommend this to a friend of mine who's been looking for a replacement
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Constantine Yevseyev
EzioAs said:
Interesting specs. If the price is reasonable, I might recommend this to a friend of mine who's been looking for a replacement
No, they're not "interesting". ASUS, MSI, Dell and Acer already have the same models of same price range. And it's just a piece of trash in terms of gaming performance. Do your friend a favor, find him something with GTX 850M GDDR5 (MSI has a model with it and i5-4200H for ~899 USD) or GTX 765M (a little bit cheaper and almost always paired with i7 HQ for the same amount of money).
And if you don't need a gaming capability, why even bother buying something with half a "normal" GPU? Just go for i5 U/M Series + R7 M265 or GT 820M, it'll cost less than 599 USD (including OS). Dell has it's Inspiron 15 3000, Acer's got V5, they're all under 600 USD price mark.
Oh, and the fact that it comes with mSATA SSD means nothings. Go on, try and find anything with at least SSHD and the specs listed (Haswell + mid-range GPU). It'll cost you an arm and and a leg. Just as usual, the basic configuration comes with 500GB HDD, then you either add 900$ to have an SSD buil-it or you can just **** off.
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I'd love to see a $450 15.6 inch ultra book with a decent 1080P IPS monitor based on AMD's quad core 15 Watt Beema chip with 2 GCN CUs. I don't want a discreet GPU and I don't think Magticka WW, Minecraft or AOE Online, or any other games in similar categories require more than such a chip to run perfectly well on a 1080 display.
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