Monday, June 23rd 2014

LEPA Introduces the LV12 CPU Coolers

LEPA announces a new product series, the LEPA LV12 CPU air cooler. The LV12 combines the Louver design and H.D.T (Heatpipe Direct Touch) technology to accelerate the heat dissipation. The S.N.T.C (Super Nano Thermal Conductive) coating and BOL (Barometric Oil-less) bearing offer silence performance and product life extension.

The LV12 provides excellent cooling performance with Rth 0.095oC/W by LEPA's in-house technologic innovation: the Louver design. These symmetric air vents on each fin create a "U-shape" airflow to increase the effective contact area and force the air to take more heat. Once the air flows into the fans, the Louver design creates more space to disperse the heat simultaneously.
Moreover, the H.D.T technology makes the LV12 absorb the heat CPU instantly and pass to the heat sink in real time and eliminate CPU hot spots. Offering no compromises, the LEPA LV12 uses the S.N.T.C (Super Nano Thermal Conductive) coating technology to avoid oxidation and maintain the heat transfer efficiency during the product life.

The included LEPA's fans also feature the patented BOL (Barometric Oil-less) bearing, a self-lubricating design with nano-particles. The BOL bearing is engineered for minimal friction operation and is quieter than traditional 2 ball-designs. The nano-particles are formulated to resist the high working ambient temperature, with an MTBF of up to 160,000 hours. Furthermore, the fan blade is removable for easy cleaning.

Surprisingly, the LV12 only weighs 460 grams, but its cooling and silence performances easily overcome comparable models in the market. The LV12 offers silence with high performance thanks to the sophisticated fin gap calculation, which leads to a fine balance between fan speed and heat transfer efficiency. In addition, patented APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) control of the fan provides 3 peak RPM choice, with PWM function offering users great flexibility of the fan speed.

The LV12 is not only light but also slim. With < 85mm depth, this gives LV12 great compatibility with high-end RAM, which has oversized heat sinks. Besides, it is also easy to install with a quality all-in-one metal bracket for both the latest Intel and AMD sockets. The LV 12 is available in Jet black or Arctic white.

Now Available, MSRP: $44.99
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