Friday, June 27th 2014

Zowie Gear Releases the FK1 Gaming Mouse

ZOWIE GEAR launches ZOWIE FK1, a new addition to its FK line. In the highly competitive world of eSports, we are fortunate to see more and more exciting games. The outcome of a duel between the top players is often determined by a second - a second containing a player's enthusiasm, persistence and dreams. They must play for victory while avoiding the slightest mishap.

ZOWIE GEAR upholds the spirit of endless pursuit of product quality and continuous understanding of a player's needs. Developing a stable product improves the performance of competitive players, fulfilling ZOWIE's commitment to eSports and players. Under this philosophy players are able to choose different mouse shapes, sizes and surface coating with the same performance.
ZOWIE FK1 comes as an answer to the many gamers that showed ZOWIE that the FK shape was something they were interested in but was too small for their hands. It will also satisfy the gamers who wish to use a mouse with Avago 3310.
The Avago 3310 optical sensor has already been on the market for some time and many ZOWIE GEAR supporters suggested that this sensor should be used in the next ZOWIE mouse. Developing a new mouse with this sensor was not difficult. The difficult part was to make a new mouse that upholds ZOWIE standards for competitive gaming gear while maintaining the advantages of the sensor.

One key feature for ZOWIE is the low lift-off distance which is important for any serious gamers. After lots of repeated testing, the research and development team was successful, achieving the low lift-off distance for the new model (1.5~1.8mm). All gamers that are interested in this signature feature from ZOWIE will be able to enjoy it in the new ZOWIE FK1.

  • Ambidextrous mouse developed for claw grip usage
  • Two thumb buttons on both sides to comfortably serve left- and right-handed users
  • Plug and Play (no drivers needed)
  • Easy to switch between left- and right-hand functionality
  • 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI adjustment
  • Adjustable USB report rate 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz
  • Perfect lift-off distance = 1.5 ~ 1.8mm
  • Operating system: Win2000/XP/VISTA/7/8; Mac OS X v10.2 after
ZOWIE FK1 is on its way to the distributors right now. Your local shop that currently sells ZOWIE products will have the new FK1 available for purchase in the beginning of July.
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8 Comments on Zowie Gear Releases the FK1 Gaming Mouse

ZOWIE is not a hero the gaming world always wants, but the one it needs.
Can't wait to try this mouse with its magnificent 3310 sensor, the old AM-GS is starting to show it's age.
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back to simple design, and looks pretty nice
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Looks like they copied the Razer DeathAdder.
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Jack1n said:
Looks like they copied the Razer DeathAdder.
The DeathAdder is not ambidextrous ;)
If anything I think it looks more like a SteelSeries mouse tbh
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sniff sniff smells like a sensei look look looks like a sensei yep its a sensei with a 3310 senser inside
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Actually most of these simpler designs are inspire by some classic Microsoft mice like the wmo 1.1a, ie 1.1a and the ie 3.0.
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urza26 said:
The DeathAdder is not ambidextrous ;)
If anything I think it looks more like a SteelSeries mouse tbh
that's pretty much left side of DeathAdder being mirrored with rounded front end.

Zowie isn't known for originality of design.
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