Thursday, July 10th 2014

AORUS Releases the THUNDER M7 MMO Gaming Mouse

AORUS, the emerging force of gaming products, announced the availability of the THUNDER M7 MMO Gaming Mouse, the most ergonomic MMO mouse in the world.

The AORUS THUNDER M7 is a specialized MMO/MOBA gaming mouse without crazy numerous buttons or dial-pad hotkeys. It is perfectly designed for MMO games which equipped with massive 8 MMO/MOBA optimized thumb buttons. AORUS THUNDER M7 provides maximum 16 programmable macro buttons, which also offers an instant execution of the gaming commands with maximum efficiency and comfort.
The AORUS THUNDER M7 is specifically designed for MMO gamers, who emphasize on emitting accurate and fast attack commends at the battlefield; therefore, AORUS developed the best allocation of the MMO hot-keys with great effort and time to bring the most ergonomically mouse for the gamers. The AORUS THUNDER M7 features with 16 programmable buttons; eight of them are located nearby finger tips while gamers hold the mouse. When pressing the buttons with thumb from various angles, the gamers can easily emit each different attack which was pre-configured individually.

With the advanced laser sensor, THUNDER M7 supports up to 8200dpi resolution and 150ips tracking speed. The top-of-the-line gaming laser sensor ensures efficient and smooth movement on multi-screens or the most high resolution monitors. It also exclusively features built-in AORUS Macro Engine which can support five gaming profiles on the go. The profile switch at the fingertips enables gamers to switch between five different gaming profiles; thus, they will have a superior mouse with up to 70 macros memorization on the go!

Technical Specifications
  • Interface:- USB
  • Report Rate:- 1000 Hz
  • Tracking System:- Pro-Laser
  • Sensitivity:- 200~8200dpi
  • Frame Rate:- 12000 frames/second
  • Maximum Tracking Speed:- 150ips
  • Maximum Acceleration:- 30g
  • DPI Switch:- 800/1600/3200/5600DPI Switchable
  • Scrolling:- Standard Scrolling Wheel
  • Side Buttons:- 11
  • Switch Life (L/R click):- Omron 20 million times
  • Dimension:- (L)116 mm x (W)70 mm x (H)44 mm
  • Weight:- 110g ±10g
  • Cable Length:- 1.8M
  • Software:- AORUS Macro Engine
The Aorus Thunder M7 is available from retailers in the following countries: Australia, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA.
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4 Comments on AORUS Releases the THUNDER M7 MMO Gaming Mouse

I dont play MMO's but this looks pretty darn sweet
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TPU addict
eww, that mouse wheel could prove to be a pain as it lacks grip by the looks of it.
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okey ... you got my attention, now tell me a price
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i have a G602 and ... those buttons placement look awefully worse than the G602 (IE: the index buttons are smaller or the 2 top thumb button are too high and risk to be pressed by the palm)

well if the cost is waaay lower than the G602 it might be the "ideal G602 of the poor" if not, then no need to pay a premium for a wire more :roll:
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