Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

Inter-Tech Unveils the Argus Series Power Supplies

Inter-Tech has this week revealed a new line of power supplies called Argus that includes 420 W, 520 W, 620 W and 720 W units. All four PSUs feature a non-modular design, an efficiency of up to 82%, active PFC, dual 12V rails, and one 120 mm fan with a sound output of up to 21 dB.

The Argus Series power supplies have a two-year warranty and should become available in the coming weeks.
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3 Comments on Inter-Tech Unveils the Argus Series Power Supplies

Who is the OEM on those? Golden Tiger or something like that?
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I love the fans of another color than not be black... i remember the first psu od xfx have a fan beatufil color green very nice
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9700 Pro
"two year-warranty", so I suppose that these are filled with crappy capacitors that may last the warranty period, and who knows what then happens.
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