Tuesday, July 29th 2014

Rapoo Announces A800 Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless your life. Rapoo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of peripherals in the wireless segment and the first manufacturer of products featuring 5 GHz wireless technology, holds an impressive 42% market share in China and is continually expanding its product portfolio. Rapoo produces innovative input devices offering maximum functionality and quality, and today announces the launch of its portable A800 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.

With its stylish, sleek design, the A800 makes an impression right from the very first glance: The case, which measures in at just 426x116x109 mm, stands out from the crowd with its streamline curves and minimalistic looks. Even more astonishing are its compact dimensions, especially when the A800 shows off what's under its hood. Thanks to Rapoo's Guided Acoustic Wave Technology, which effectively enlarges the sound-generating surface of the speaker producing a sound experience that packs so much punch it's like a much larger speaker has generated it, this Bluetooth speaker delivers well-rounded, gutsy sound. What's more, Bluetooth 4.0 apt-X technology means music can be streamed from the player to the A800 without any audible loss of quality from up to 10 meters away and any angle.
The speaker works with all popular Android and iOS devices of any generation, tablets, MP3 players, MP4 players, notebooks, portable games consoles, and all other Bluetooth devices. And thanks to its Dual-Mode function this stylish marvel of sound also works with devices that don't have Bluetooth as it can be connected to almost any audio source via its integrated 3.5 mm jack. The A800 offers a battery life of up to 8 hours and can, if the power ever runs out, be recharged conveniently via the supplied AC adapter without needing to interrupt playback. To save power, the device can also be switched on or off via the illuminated control on the top of the speaker.

The A800 is also ultra flexible and extremely user-friendly. NFC is a new technology which simplifies the process of pairing Bluetooth devices: Just hold the Bluetooth device to the speaker and the connection is established automatically. If the Bluetooth function is disabled, that's not a problem - the speaker will enable Bluetooth itself. What's more, the Multipoint Connection function allows multiple Bluetooth devices to be connected simultaneously to the speaker. Once that's done, the exclusive Rapoo Music app, for Android and iOS, takes over: Functions like play, pause, the volume level, presets for different styles of music, and lots more besides can be controlled conveniently by smartphone or tablet. The A800 is also easy to use even without the app. The quick-access illuminated controls on the top of the speaker provide access to all key functions, plus they feature a proximity sensor. This activates the backlighting when a hand approaches the controls - so it's possible to keep on BBQing and partying long after the sun has set.

The Rapoo A800 - Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is available now across Europe in black, green, and yellow for an MSRP of €129.99.
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1 Comment on Rapoo Announces A800 Bluetooth Speakers

Looks like a nice product, if not a little large and unwieldy.

Personally, I'd like to see what other innovation could be added to a (jacket/hoody-) pocketable device, be that speaker/acoustic design, real all-day battery life at a loud volume (preferably that said speaker/bass design can handle), or incorporating some kind of lossless wifi option to go along with good bluetooth connectivity support (like faststream for voice calls/video and aptx for music). I hope this is the direction we see more companies go in across their product lines, rather than whom can either make the strangest-looking/use-case/over-engineered in the wrong way speaker or re-skinning the same cat for the 300th time in a slightly different mold of plastic.

That said, I fully understand a 'portable' wireless speaker can only do such practically, and it's always nice to see more decent-appearing affordable products with aptx and multi-point connectivity.
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