Tuesday, August 5th 2014

BiTMICRO Launches New MAXio E-Series of PCIe Family of Solid State Drives

BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. today announced MAXio E-Series PCIe solid state drives (SSDs). Powered by BiTMICRO's patented Talino ASIC Architecture, the new MAXio E-Series SSD delivers superior capacity, performance and reliability for companies that need to support high volume application workloads.

BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series SSDs are based on the company's industry proven Talino ASIC Architecture which is used by strategic partners including RunCore, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of solid state products and solutions in China. "BiTMICRO has developed a truly revolutionary architecture that is very high performance, but also high capacity to meet the burgeoning application demands of our customers in China and around the globe," said Limuel Yap, Vice President, Technical and Business Development, RunCore. "It changes the way people think and address their enterprise storage requirements."
The MAXio E-Series SSD delivers an optimum mix of capacity, performance and reliability. It is an ideal solution for enterprise applications with heavy load demands including video-on-demand, video streaming, online transaction processing, non-linear editing, gaming, file servers, web applications and cloud services.

"Combining some state of the art controller technology with some out of the box firmware innovation, BiTMICRO looks to be setting a new bar for capacity silicon with blazing speed," said Jon Toigo, Managing Principal Toigo Partners International and Chairman, Data Management Institute. "In a crowded SSD market, this product is definitely worth a look."

Key features of BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series PCIe SSDs include:
  • High Capacity: MAXio E-Series SSDs incorporate a Split-ASIC architecture utilizing BiTMICRO designed Talino ASIC and BiTMICRO FBX flash expansion ASIC. MAXio E-Series SSD capacities are from 1.5 TB to 6 TB.
  • MAXio E-Series SSD Capacity and Performance balance: The MAXio E-Series PCIe SSD is designed for ideal performance in read-intensive applications. MAXio SSD's flash controller optimizes flash, performance and scalability.
  • Dynamic Wear Leveling: The usable life of MAXio SSDs, with dynamic wear leveling managing the usability of the drive's flash chips is up to 5 years.
  • Easy-to-use SSD Management Tool: DriveLight Management Software allows users to easily change drive settings for optimal use.
"For years we have proven the value of our SSD technology in high-demand military and industrial computing environments such as air and space, military systems and mobile industrial solutions," said Zophar Sante, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales, BiTMICRO. "Now we are bringing this expertise to enterprise and mid-market customers. With MAXio E-Series SSDs, organizations of every size can achieve faster storage performance, greater reliability and true business availability."

BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series SSDs are available now with pricing starting at $3.99/GB.
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1 Comment on BiTMICRO Launches New MAXio E-Series of PCIe Family of Solid State Drives

nice capacities, but it does appear they are telling the truth about having formerly worked for the military, only the govt would pay that much lol.

while it would be nice to have 6TB in a single high speed ssd, the 24K price tag negates the gains. Especially since typical pcie ssd solutions are 1-2$/GB

Sandisk also has their Optimus max line with 4TB going for 1.50$/GB over a 12Gbps SAS interface. That would appear to be more than adequate at this point. 4 of those in raid 10 would cost the same as the 6TB drive while offering similar speeds and 8TB of effective disk space. If you don't care about redundancy you could stripe them and get the full 16TB. Again nice capacities but they really need to lower the price into the 1-2$/GB range.
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