Wednesday, August 13th 2014

SPEEDLINK Unveils New Gaming Peripherals at Gamescom

At this year's gamescom in Cologne, Germany, SPEEDLINK will again be focusing on dedicated gaming accessories. It'll also be presenting not just one, but two new mice: the PRIME Z-DW and KUDOS Z-9. Last year the German company presented its first complete gaming line-up - this year the focus is on new innovative products for gamers.

PRIME Z-DW Double Wheel - For even more commands
The second scroll wheel turns the new PRIME Z-DW into a truly innovative weapon. Besides the programmable buttons the additional scroll wheel can also be fully customised with many performance-enhancing assignments such as powerful commands and complex macro sequences using the accompanying software.
With its Key-Cycle function, macros can be cycled between really easily and conveniently on the fly while gaming. Among the many killer advantages this offers, gamers can switch seamlessly between their arsenal of weapons and kit right in the heat of thrilling FPS games - and lots more besides. And thanks to its Zero Response Time, every command is implemented immediately; after all, speed is everything. The PRIME Z-DW and KUDOS Z-9 respond immediately to gamers' commands. In the heat of the game, users make lightning fast decisions which they carry out at breakneck speed - the main-button switches guarantee they are implemented immediately thanks to their breath-taking Zero Response Time.

KUDOS Z-9 - Rapid access thanks to free app
Thanks to its Zero Response Time the KUDOS Z-9 responds immediately to commands, plus it's kitted out with a feature-rich configurator. The free-of-charge Configurator app (Android 4.0 and iOS 7 or later) allows driver settings to be changed really easily while gaming - with the impact of the changes felt immediately. Among its many features, gaming skills can be maximised as gamers can switch profiles, assign new functions to buttons and change the sensor resolution all really quickly and easily via the extremely user-friendly GUI.

INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad
The premium-quality INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad is designed to meet professional demands. As the mousepad can be flipped, it offers two different surfaces for any situation: it boasts a super-smooth side for ultra-fast mouse movements and an extra-slick gaming style - while the granular side offers total control and accurate cursor movement. What's really special about the INVICTUS is that it comprises two parts: the mat and the mousepad itself. The pad sits perfectly in the non-slip holder, with the side cut-outs allowing rapid flipping of the mousepad so users are perfectly equipped to deal with any situation.
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I really, really, really don't like this new trend of moving towards "an app for everything" approach.

It's as annoying as having to run cloud-based services for Razer mice and such to work, i.e the Mamba 2012 (though, you can run older drivers that avoid this - but you shouldn't have to)... and lets not forget that Thermaltake PSU of recent that allows you to send stats to Facebook or other social media shitholes....
Sharing in the Cloud
With no connecting boundaries, DPSApp also provides users an impeccable way to share the power usage results with friends and colleagues through social network applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, or via e-mail.
I mean, who in there right mind would want to show power usage results to anyone, certainly on social outlets, and what benefit would it actually have in the real world(I'll assume none)??
Such a gimmick. :shadedshu:

Is the enthusiast community really driven by 13 year olds that need to boast about their +12v rail using xx-amount of amperes? :slap:

/rant :lovetpu:
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