Thursday, October 9th 2014

New Lenovo Ultra Slim YOGA 3 Pro Adapts to Users

Lenovo today announced the new YOGA 3 Pro, an ultra slim convertible PC. The new 13-in YOGA 3 Pro uniquely address users' desires for an extremely stylish device, best-in-breed performance capabilities and the hardware and software adaptability they crave. The YOGA 3 Pro provides this and more: an unbelievably thin and light frame with new watchband hinge design, a QHD+ screen and Harmony, Lenovo's intuitive software that adapts to users' personal preferences as they use the device in its different modes.

While the YOGA 2 Pro became synonymous with thin and light, the new YOGA 3 Pro takes this concept even further by shaving 17 percent from its predecessor's frame at just 12.8 mm thin - thinner than a pencil when opened. The PC also comes in lighter at 1.19kg - 14 percent less than before - lighter than a bottle of water. The device achieves this incredibly thin and light design thanks to Lenovo's new watchband hinge constructed from more than 800 pieces of steel and aluminum. Lenovo engineers redesigned the original YOGA hinge so that it now provides the same degree of flexibility and flatness seen in metallic watch bands. Instead of two focus points, there are now six. Complementing the distinctive new hinge design, the YOGA 3 Pro is available in three eye-catching colors: Clementine Orange, Platinum Silver or Champagne Gold.
Adaptive Software
To advance the concept of adaptive computing and complement the YOGA's responsive hardware features, Lenovo created the new Harmony software experience. Harmony gives YOGA owners a new way to discover applications and customize how they behave when used. For example, when reading an e-book, Harmony will automatically change the brightness and color temperature according to the environment lighting.

When using presentation software, Harmony can enable motion control or touch depending on the mode, or when watching video it can optimize the audio settings. Harmony can recognize and optimize the experience with more than 50 of the most popular applications.

Harmony also recommends which apps other YOGA owners find useful and provides a handy shortcut to the apps used most frequently in each mode.

Optimized Performance in Any Mode
The YOGA 3 Pro offers users an excellent experience in any mode from the moment they open the lid. With a QHD+ 3200x1800 display, this bright and clear screen looks amazing whatever the task - editing images in Laptop mode, video chatting in Stand mode, watching movies in Tent mode or online shopping in Tablet mode. Built with durable Gorilla Glass, this screen is designed to hold up to wherever users go.

While videos look stunning, the YOGA 3 Pro makes them sound just as spectacular with premium JBL speakers with Waves Audio, which automatically adjusts the audio in each of the four modes so that when the speakers are not facing the user, the audio still sounds crisp and clear.

Equipped with an Intel Core M processor, solid state drive storage up to 512 GB SSD and Intel integrated graphics, users can multitask at will, store large digital libraries and experience smooth video playback without lag. The YOGA 3 Pro keeps users up and running longer with up to nine hours of battery life1 and connected via high-speed 802.11 a/c WiFi.

"The new YOGA 3 Pro convertible PC is the result of continual refinement and listening to customer feedback," said Dilip Bhatia, vice president, design and marketing, PC Group, Lenovo. "While users told us they loved what YOGA allows them to do with the four modes, they wanted it even thinner and lighter.

We have responded with an innovative new hinge design, and continued to evolve YOGA into a truly adaptable, intelligent device. Today I believe YOGA is among the world's best notebook computers."

"The new Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro design is an outstanding example of the innovation we are seeing in 2-in-1 systems," said Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel. "With its incredibly thin design and four modes, combined with the processing performance in our new Intel Core M processor, users now have amazing flexibility on a single 2-in-1 system to work and play the way they want to, whether it's enjoying content like movies and music or working on their next presentation."

Pricing and Availability
The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is available beginning at the end of October via Best Buy and Models start at MSRP €1,599.
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Wanted to buy the Samsung ATIV Book 9 but it is discountinued and can't get them anywhere (European continent). This lenovo looks a suitable contender for on-the-road light notebook. I would prefer non-glare screen to touch screen. I think we all already have ipads and smartphones and we dont need another cross-over device - we need PRODUCTIVITY NOTEBOOK not another play and media screen.

BTW the lenovo website is just silly. A male dummy doing silly poses "yoga style" with a haircut trying to look like Steve Jobs. Who designs these marketing campaigns? Fire them all!
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I think we all already have ipads and smartphones and we dont need another cross-over device!
Seeing as this is the 3rd version and seeing as how the 2nd version got much praise, I think the market begs to differ.

IDC about touch screen, but I do care about stylus/pen support.
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Hilux SSRG
It's a sweet looking product. The Core M insides may also be in the upcoming MacBook Air 12".
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Seeing as this is the 3rd version and seeing as how the 2nd version got much praise, I think the market begs to differ.
Yes, this is a nice product, one of the best of its ilk, and the market is buying. But you misunderstood the gist of what I was saying. I lament the loss of the ultra-notebook. Going if not already GONE. The market chases the denominator where there is consumer wallet/interest - but with the unfortunately consequence that the product spectrum changes as other product lines or other product development is killed off. Here is another tablet cross-over. A good one. Rightly there in the market. But like Samsung, like Sony, is lenovo now exiting product development on the traditional ultrabook?
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The Yoga 2 pro would have been the perfect laptop, if the Wifi antenna on it didn't suck so much.
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The Yoga 3 is so sweet, I can't wait to get my hands on one.

I'd get the Yoga 3 Pro from the Lenovo website, but that’s just because they always have the best prices.

Yoga 3 ->

I made that link to automatically apply coupon codes to the Lenovo website so you get the best deal possible on your Yoga 3
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