Saturday, December 2nd 2006

Vodafone refunds users for overcharged text messages

Thanks to a SMS Text News story, Vodafone has discovered that it was overcharging it's pay-as-you-go customers. Vodafone's text messaging system works by charging £1.50 for the service, and then 12p a text message. A recent glitch in the server was causing pay-as-you-go customers to pay an extra 12p. Vodafone has discovered this flaw, fixed it, and is in the middle of refunding it's customers. Vodafone estimates it will be done in about a week.Source: The Inquirer
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3 Comments on Vodafone refunds users for overcharged text messages

They better do it or else...
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meh, Vodafone is in a general sence the most exspensive mobile phone company in the UK, i pay 10p for text messages and always have
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Jimmy 2004
£19 a month on O2 for 75 minutes and 300 texts, 12p a text would cost me about that for just 160 texts at 12 each, so even a cheap contract is much better value. Plus I got a free phone.
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