Monday, June 8th 2015

Akasa Unveils Abel Series NUC Cases

For those looking to build an extremely compact NAS server that's fan-less; Akasa unveiled the Abel MT at Computex 2015. Made entirely of aluminium, with body panels that double up as heatsink for the CPU and PCH, the Abel MT can enclose a 5th generation Core "Broadwell" NUC system board. Eight types of "Broadwell" NUC system boards are supported.

A star attraction with the Abel MT, is its two 2.5-inch SATA hot-swappable drive caddies. Other features include two USB 3.0 front-panel ports, VESA mounts (letting you tuck it away behind a monitor), and cutouts for WLAN antennae. The company also unveiled the Abel S, a fan-less NUC case with roughly the same dimensions and features as the Abel MT, but with a slimline optical drive bay, instead of the two 2.5-inch caddies. The case includes front bezels for both tray-type and slot-in type optical drives.
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2 Comments on Akasa Unveils Abel Series NUC Cases

TPU addict
Now that's a cool case. Not that shoddy rubbish that Silverstone came out with this time which just looks like steel bent over a table and wam bam thank you crap.
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Two 2.5" caddies, now that is handy, if I could only get 2 TB 2.5" HDDs. They should make one with one 3.5" HDD, I always missed HDD space in miniPCs.
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