Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

HDPLEX 2nd Generation H5 Case Starts Selling

HDPLEX, the manufacturer of premium fanless aluminum HTPC case for the DIY market, is pleased to announce their second generation H5 fanless HTPC case designed to fit seamlessly into your A/V rack. Availability is scheduled for Oct 2015, with MSRP at $288 USD.

"I set out to create a truly flagship product that looks good when combined with high-end A/V equipment, and is silent and affordable," said Larry Liu, CEO of HDPLEX. "I accomplished my goals after two years, during which time the design has been sent back to the drawing board countless times. The 2nd Gen H5 fanless HTPC case combines skillful engineering with an eye for design, eight-heatpipe copper based cooling system for silent operation, and a price point competitive with the current market."

The HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 HTPC chassis supports passive cooling of 95W TDP CPU via its flagship eight-heatpipe CPU heatsink system and an optional eight-heatpipe passive video card cooling system. It supports ATX/microATX/ITX motherboard.

HDPLEX H5 successfully achieves a pull-open faceplate design, which allows easy access to front mounted device hidden behind the faceplate such as 5.25" optical drive and hotswap HDD cage.

HDPLEX H5 fanless HTPC chassis has unprecedented support for various types of internal and external power supply option. In addition to HDPLEX's internal nanoATX power supply combo solution, HDPLEX H5 supports ATX,SFX,Flex power supply, thanks to a specially designed universal mounting rack and internal AC extension cord.

HDPLEX has developed a ATX modular bridge input board that enables H5 to support external ATX modular power sources, such as HDPLEX 300W ATX linear power supply.

As an HDPLEX tradition, HDPLEX H5 supports popular DC and AC input jacks, including 5.5*2.5mm DC Jack, 7.4*5.0 with PIN DC Jack, GX16-2 Aviation Jack, and C14 IEC with EMI AC Connector.
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