Thursday, December 14th 2006

Google lets users search patents

Any creative readers who believe they possibly just thought up the best idea ever can now search over 7 million US patents in the same way they search the web. Featuring scanned versions of the original patents, Google now lets users take a look and find if their idea already has a patent. This service can already be obtained via the US Patent and Trademark Office, however users may enjoy the more familiar face of Google. Admittedly this list of patents is not complete, so further research will be needed, but at least it will let you know if your idea definitely has been taken. Give it a try hereSource: PC World
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I for one welcome our new Google overlords, may their enemies die swiftly, e.g. Microsoft etc.
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Unpaid Babysitter
a patent is what u get when u come up with something new!!!! The way it goes is say i invent a car that flies! i apply to the patent office for the rights to the idea, so that no one steals your idea to make money off of my thoughts and plans of said flying car!
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RickyG512 said:
wat is a patent
Trademarking your idea.
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Yet another step towards turning earth into Google Earth, in a literal sense. *bows to the new darklord*

Meh, could be worse.... Yay for easy to access patent info!
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doesnt microsoft wish they were as loved as google
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