Friday, December 15th 2006

OCZ Technology Expands their Popular Modular EvoStream Series to 720 Watts

Sunnyvale, CA—December 14, 2006 — OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the availability of a 720W configuration in the EvoStream power supply family. This 100% modular PSU is equipped with EZMod technology to allow complete customization of your power system by utilizing only the cables you require. Ideal for the high-power user, the 720W EvoStream combines leading-edge technology for high power users with a classic, sleek look that enthusiasts and system builders enjoy including in their PCs.

As gamers and system builders continue to enhance their PCs with high-end components, power supplies are expected to remain stable for extensive amounts of time at elevated performance levels. The EvoStream line incorporates superior PSU technologies. By using a high-end core and advanced circuit design, Evostream PSUs ensure all your vital PC components are supplied a stable and vigorous source of power in even the most intense computing environments. OCZ pushes the envelope to controlling ripple noise, producing the cleanest power for high-end systems.

“Building on our popular 600W model, the new EvoStream 720W is designed to deliver more power to consumers looking for a easy-to-use modular PSU,” commented Mohasit Monh, Senior Product Engineer, OCZ Technology Inc. “The EvoStream 720W delivers plenty of power to high performance system via a server class core, and allows consumers to tailor their cable configuration to a minimum for superior airflow in systems packed with high end components.”

The OCZ 720W EvoStream provides Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to effectively regulate input voltage and provide superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages.

All OCZ EvoStream power supplies come backed with an industry-leading three year OCZ PowerSwap Warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

For more information on the OCZ EvoStream Power Supply series, please visit our product page here.Source: OCZ Technology
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Bird of Prey
Nice, never used their power supplies before, but industry leading 3 years. I though PC Power and Cooling had 5 years or longer?

-The Eagle
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