Sunday, December 17th 2006

IXOS' new Disco Cube pulses to the beat

Whether you want a new iPod speaker system, to be the hit of the party, or just want some pretty lights, the Disco Cube has you covered. With a plug for the iPod dock, you can not only keep the iPod fully charged as you listen to music, but add more music to it. Exclusively from the Debenhams UK store chain, you can get the Disco Cube (model number XMI608) for £75.

Source: The Register
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5 Comments on IXOS' new Disco Cube pulses to the beat

more money then bills i guess for someone to buy something as silly as this
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Just remember marketeers were able to cash in on Pet Rocks and similar foolishness so there is a market for anything... It makes you wonder about the folks who buy these things though.
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This IPod thingy as gone out of control a long time ago, glad it's not popular here, enough to see it every series and technews every week with some gadget to blug in or it to.
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You gotta be kidding

Only 2 watt speakers!!! Wow, thats going to be a cr@p party! At least the neighbours won't complain! :roll:
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Actually, it is probably a nice Christmas present for your Cat. I think the cats would have a blast chasing the lights around. Beats scratching up the Sofa!! :D
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