Monday, December 18th 2006

Matsushita Readies Safer Lithium-ion Batteries

Matsushita Electric Industrial today announced that one of its subsidiaries, Matsushita Battery Industrial(MBI) is now ready to mass produce a new type of lithium-ion battery, which incorporates new technology improving safety. According to MBI, its new technology improves safety by forming a heat resistance layer (HRL) consisting of an insulating metal oxide on the surface of the electrodes. Even if a short-circuit occurs in these batteries, it will cease without causing the battery to overheat, instead of overheating and even burning in standart lithium-ion batteries. Matsushita currently holds 119 patents.Source: DigiTimes
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3 Comments on Matsushita Readies Safer Lithium-ion Batteries

Who cares about safety? How about making a battery that lasts a while... that's what people really want.
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Yeh, I'd rather have a battery which lasts 4hrs and then explodes in my pants than a battery which lasts 3hrs and doesn't explode! :shadedshun:

Way to go MBI! Safer batteries are always welcome since you can then use them in other areas of your daily work.
Like, it will be 'safe again' (*glares at sony batteries*) to use notebooks on planes and also electric cars and hybrids will be safer :)
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Bird of Prey
I want a battery that wont leak battery acid all over me, burn ma nads off and lasts for longer than 5 hours without being recharged. Thats what I want and wish for and hopefully, one day, my dream will come true!

-The Eagle
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