Tuesday, December 19th 2006

Ultra Modular 1kW PSU Spy Shots

Ultra is well known for being the first company to produce modular power supplies, debuting the X-Connect range last year. Now, the company plans to introduce SLI capable 1kW(1000W) PSU, that is modular. It sports a massive number of connectors on the back, including enough to power a couple of GeForce 8800 GTXs. The product will be on the market by the end of the year. Two variations, 800 and 600W will also be available at this time.Source: bit-tech.net
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I could say i feel the same about MSI, that I got screwed as I have had to replace my northbridge fan 2 times now and it is starting to go again, and that my voltages are unstable due to a piss poor voltage reg on the board. And that this and that....

But all in all it does more han advertised, mabey not as well as others, but I bought it, and choose to keep it.

So if today i go home and it won't boot and my chip is dead, then it is my fault, as I knew of the problems. If you have a PSU that could potentially fail and continued to use it, too bad.
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where the hell are my stars
i doubt the PSU will haev a prob yeah 70A on a rail is one hell of a lot but that doesnt make it subpar stop dissing ultra cause you had a bad experience hell ECS made crap for years and ther current extreme series runs just fine for ocing now same with asrock hell my free after rebate mobo oc'd 24% with just .07v over stock just cause something is cheap doesnt mean its bad

i have 2 ultra PSU now a vseries 400watt on a celeron d 351 and a 500watt on a PENTIUM D 930 for crying out load nothing draws more juice than those cpu and both work just fine hell the 500watt hasout lived 2 mobos and cpus already
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