Sunday, December 24th 2006

Powerpoint 'Merry Christmas' message installs trojan

Security firm iDefense has found a "Merry Christmas" Powerpoint presentation that comes with a nasty surprise- a trojan. E-mails with the following subject and attachment are very likely to be a security risk:
Subject: Merry Christmas to our hero sons and daughters!
Attachment: Christmas+Blessing-4.ppt
Ken Dunham, of iDefense, says that this attack is similar to other exploits of Microsoft products throughout the years, and that the attacks are based on a remote server in China. If you think you may have caught the trojan, the two files that it installs are msupdate.dll and sdfsc.dll.Source: The Inquirer
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Bird of Prey
Another instance of idiots ruining a good thing!
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