Wednesday, August 17th 2016

Lian-Li Announces the DK-12 and DK-16 Motorized Workstation Desks

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd is excited to launch its DK-12 and DK-16 motorized standing desks. Following the success of the DK-04 and earlier computer desk chassis, Lian Li adds a pair of more conventional standing desks to its repertoire. The DK-12 and DK-16 provide health-conscious users a stylish workspace designed with PC workstations in mind. Who better to make a desk for a PC than a case maker.

It is true that people sit for most of their day, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. With manifold health benefits discovered by prevailing studies these past few years, standing desks are a vogue choice for employers and office workers seeking to improve their habits and lifestyle. Many vaunt standing desks not only for health benefits, but even boosting productivity. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, why not start standing.
A Standing Workspace for Serious Workstations
Like the DK-04, the DK-12 and DK-16 are both height-adjustable desks with an automated electric motor. Users can save up to four height settings from 69.5cm to 118.5cm using a small control console on the front of the desks. The robust motor lifts up to 120kg on the DK-12, while the heavier DK-16 is rated to lift up to 80kg. The DK-12 is the smaller of the two desks, stretching 140cm long and tapering 70-75cm wide, while the DK-16 is a longer 210cm and 75-80cm wide. Each desktop is 3cm thick.

A Desk Designed with PCs in Mind
The DK-12 and DK-16 have convenient features for organizing the inevitable mess of cables that clutters everyone's desk. Two circular cable pass-throughs with metal covers help route and manage cords. A shelf under the desk can hide and store cables and power bricks. The shelf does not obstruct mounting monitor arms with clamps - the DK-12 and DK-16 are compatible with most monitor mounts and support multiple-display setups.

Solid Construction and Desktop Materials
Each desk uses a leather-like waterproof surface on a wooden frame mounted to an aluminum base. The desktop is contoured to better surround the user while standing or sitting close to the front edge. The exceptionally sturdy legs are made from high-quality steel, reliably supporting heavy hardware and elaborate configurations.

Price and Availability
  • The DK-12 is available for $899.99 USD
  • The DK-16 will be available for $1099.99 USD
For more information, visit the product pages of the DK-12 and DK-16.
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7 Comments on Lian-Li Announces the DK-12 and DK-16 Motorized Workstation Desks

It's a four speed auto, and with it's two legs it will follow you around and tell you to get back to work! :p
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I've heard about the benefits of standing, but, I stand 8 hours a day at work so I probably wont need a this table.
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As overpriced and ugly as their computer cases.
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these are nice but that price is a bit too steep imo..
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Devon68 said:
I've heard about the benefits of standing, but, I stand 8 hours a day at work so I probably wont need a this table.
Yeah! All I wanna do when I get home is start a Vodka IV and lay on the couch with a VR headset on....

I always laugh at the people who have to go for walks around the block during lunch hour because they at a computer all day.
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