Wednesday, September 28th 2016

Sharkoon Announces the S25 Mid-tower Chassis

Sharkoon expands their ATX Midi Tower lineup and introduces a minimalistic case series: The all-black S25 series is available in the traditional Window, Value and Standard versions, each offering various different features. The new cases are particularly suitable as a powerful computer for gaming and/or as an office PC, particularly with its sophisticated airflow.

The special construction of the inside of the case series allows discreet installation of various components. Cabling is inconspicuous and well hidden, thus not disrupting internal airflow. The power supply and up to three 3.5" hard drives can be mounted on the bottom of the case inside the tunnel, which are optimally cooled thanks to the tunnel's air vents. The cable outlets ensure orderly cabling of the mainboard and remaining components. A tower cooler up to 16.7 cm in height can be installed; the mainboard tray already has a cutout for easy installation.
Maximum length for graphics cards is 40 cm; power supplies with a length of up to 20.5 cm. Up to two optical drives or up to four 2.5" HDD/SSDs can be inserted into the two 5.25" drive bays with automatically locking tool-free device installation. Complimenting this, a 5.25" to 3.5" bay cover is included within the package contents for, as an example, a 3.5" card reader. If necessary, the two 5.25" drive trays can be removed and a 280 mm radiation can be mounted in the front, if needed. Oval hole cutouts ensure perfect positioning for preferred cooling options. Inside the tunnel, two 3.5" hard drives can be decoupled mounted inside a pair of hard drive trays. Alternatively, both 3.5" drives can be removed and replaced by a 2.5" HDD/SSD, which is screwed into the tray. There is additional space on the case bottom for another 3.5" hard drive. Behind the mainboard tray, and on the tunnel, the S25 includes two brackets for two 2.5" drive trays, which easily install via thumbscrews. A pre-installed dust filter on the top and bottom of the case protect installed hardware from contamination. To clean, they are easily removed and re-attached. The front panel easily detaches without complications at any time thanks to its cableless design.

The Sharkoon S25-W ATX PC CASE, the Window version, comes with an acrylic side panel and offers two USB 3.0 and two Audio ports on the front panel. Two 120 mm fans are also pre-installed in the front, and a 120 mm LED fan on the rear panel. The top panel is equipped with a magnetic dust filter and offers room for an additional three 120 mm or two 140 mm fan. The S25-V (Value version) does not have the side window; instead, it is equipped with a metal side panel. However, a 120 mm fan is pre-installed on both the front and rear panels. The S25-S (Standard version) is also outfitted with a metal side panel and a closed top panel. The front panel offers two USB 2.0 and two Audio ports with a 120 mm fan pre-installed on the rear panel.

The Sharkoon S25-W ATX PC CASE (Window version) is available starting from the end of September for the suggested retail price of 49.99 euros. The S25-V (Value version) is now available for 44.99 euros. The S25-S (Standard version) is also now available for 39.99 euros from retailers.
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I like this case. This is a nice f#!&ing case.
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it looks very nice for the price!
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This is a great looking case.
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Thermaltake fanboy
well done!
nice desing, pricing! great,

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