Sunday, January 7th 2007

IDG World Expo Announces the Official Name of its Newest Event

IDG World Expo today announced the official name of its newest event: Entertainment for All Expo (E for All Expo), scheduled for October 18-20, 2007, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The name replaces “GamePro Expo” – a placeholder while the company held a naming contest. More than 3000 entries were submitted on popular video game site The winning entry was proposed by California resident Dante Padre. E for All Expo will offer consumers the opportunity to test-drive the latest in games and gadgetry, as well as purchase products they enjoyed over the course of the 3-day event at on-site retail facilities. Additional attractions are in the works, including high-profile videogame tournaments; job fair/networking opportunities; family-friendly offerings; and the acclaimed Video Games Live concert. For more information, please click here.Source: IDG World Expo
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Bird of Prey
I wonder if our friend Dante won anything for that? I used to Subscribe to Gamepro for like 10 years or so. When my subscription ran out like may of last year, I didnt get around to renewing it. I loved the mag, it even did justice to pc games and the like. Ah well, this is cool. I should move to CA near this place and go when they have it. Cant pass up the chance to play games for free!!!! :rockout:
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