Monday, January 8th 2007

Samsung prepares new MP3 players

Samsung is clearly going after the iPod Nano with the Samsung K3. It is just 7 mm thick, sports a 1.8 inch OLED screen and blue, touch sensitive controls. The battery life is quite similar to the Nano as well - 25 hours.

There will also be a new Bluetooth enabled multimedia player which can handle a range of audio, video and photo formats and also play Flash games. It will last about 30 hours on a single charge for music and 6 hours for videos.

Source: Reg Hardware
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2 Comments on Samsung prepares new MP3 players

I wonder what size the k3 will come in... I brought my Sandisk e250 after a long search for a mp3 player that was better for the nano but the K3 looks like it has a nice design its self.
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Bird of Prey
This is cool. I cant stand IPOD and I really cant explain why. Im glad to see other companies step to the front.
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