Monday, April 24th 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update Still Activates with "old" Windows 7/8 License Keys

Although Microsoft officially stopped offering free upgrades to Windows 10 back in the summer of 2016, it seems loophole after loophole keeps being discovered for those with a bit of computer knowledge to upgrade anyways. This latest loophole, which comes in the form of activating via an older Windows 7 or 8 key, is not exactly new. This method of upgrading was first released to ease free upgrades to Windows 10 during the official upgrade period, but was never switched off in the summer of 2016 as one would've expected. Nor was it switched off with the Anniversary Update, and now again, Microsoft seems content to leave it enabled even with its latest Creators Update.
Though these loopholes enabling upgrades to Windows 10 after the official upgrade period are not strictly legal (they are technically EULA violations), Microsoft seems in no hurry to close them down, and has made no attempt to detect or otherwise deter people from using these means to activate copies of the Windows 10 OS. It's a strange state of affairs, with Microsoft being indifferent to the point of what could almost be viewed as an endorsement of sorts to these loopholes. A conspiracy-minded reader might see this as a way for Microsoft to boost Windows-10 transitions after the closure of the Upgrade Program, but why not just make it official then to boost numbers even more? Consider this editor puzzled.
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Of course the option is still available, microsoft wants everyone to go to windows 10 and the easiest way to get people to do so it to get them to upgrade for free
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Wait...I upgraded from a legal/activated copy of 7 to 10. The only license key I have for 10 is actually for 7. I don't actually have a license key for 10. I suppose I don't need one since it's tied to my hardware. But...oh never mind. I guess I have no point. :oops:
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Im grateful its still working, as someone living in a 3rd world country windows is expensive so using my old laptop key is excellent.
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If something is free. You're the product.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Oohhh maybe I can convince the boss to take the plunge on Win10. 7 really is the new XP.
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Weird, I got some errors on my Win8.1Pro key after a fresh Win10Pro install. The key was tied to my MS account. Well, got a new Win10Pro key and running with no problems now.
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Freshwater Moderator
been using this the whole time, upgrading people to W10 who 'missed' the windows update method.

works a lot better as a clean install, creators update boots up really damn fast too which is a good selling point vs win 7.
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M$ wants everybody using the spy-happy Win10... o_O
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Cruise51If something is free. You're the product.
This. +1
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Of course they would. You are upgrading from an OS product to their OS as a service.
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JismThis. +1
Interesting, because Windows 8, 7, Vista, etc. all weren't free but still sent telemetry data incredibly similar to what Windows 10 does. So you paid for a product but were still the product.

I'll take free while being the product over paying for both.
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Technical support for free upgrade should be no longer offered.
Average users have difficulty with (free) upgrade.

Free upgrade seems to be provided in relation to accessibility.

There is no merits to stimulate Microsoft.
If you can free upgrade late, lets thank Microsoft gently and keep silent.;)
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