Tuesday, January 9th 2007

Highlights from Macworld 2007

The Keynote just started and here are the highlights as they come in. This will be updated as news come in! There are around 4000 journalists waiting eagerly to see what Apple will introduce within the next few months. The Apple store is down, so we will surely see some new stuff! We will post the real juicy stuff seperately so you will not miss 'em!

1. Apple got a new studio onboard for downloadable movies on iTunes - Paramount. So we will see movies like Tomb Raider, Italian Job, Wrath of Khan, Chinatown, Zoolander, School of Rock, Sum of all Fears offered through the service. Paramount will offer around 250 movies for download.

2. A little info about Apple TV - some called it iTV but Steve Jobs calls it Apple TV. Same as seen in September. The Apple TV box will feature USB 2.0, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI, component, audio optical out. It has a 40GB hard drive (way to small!) and Intel CPU. So it is basically a PC. It can stream movies from up to 5 PCs - wirelessly. It stores unwatched movies on its hard drive so they can be watched later. Very nifty stuff. It will be priced at $299 and will ship in Febuary.

3. Apple Computer Inc. will be calles Apple Inc. from today onward.Source: Engadget
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Movies on iTunes.... pish posh.... Come on Mr. Jobs, announce the iPhone already! :D
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Jimmy 2004
I'd be interested in an Apple games console... that would really spice things up.

Edit: liking the live update Darksaber!
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Bird of Prey
HE already announced the IPhone and cingular is exclusive to it. Im not an apple fan but from what I heard on Rick and Bubba and read on here, its one bad axe phone!
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