Wednesday, January 10th 2007

Apple launches Apple TV

Although this was launched yesterday and briefly mentioned in our news, the news about Apple’s Apple TV was largely overlooked due to the iPhone. The Apple TV itself is intended to be a wireless link between your PC (specifically iTunes) and your TV, and was originally referred to by many sites as iTV. Using the latest wireless technology, 802.11n, users can download their music and TV shows (presumably this doesn’t have to be directly via iTunes) onto their computer, and then synchronise it with the Apple TV much like you would with an iPod, with the media being transferred to the built in 40GB hard drive. The unit will be plugged into your TV using either a HDMI or component video cable and you can watch whatever you want, with a remote control to allow you to select what you want to watch. The price will be $299 and it should be released in February.Source: Apple
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apple TV?

you have GOT to be kidding...
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Semi-Retired Folder
$300?!?!?! Wow, I already do exactly what this thing does and with a 320GB hard drive, for less money(minus the HDMI). What a rip off, IMO.
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well you are paying for the apple brand name
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Apple, good luck breaking into the HT market - you're going to need it.:laugh:
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
i dont really see big demand for this. only 40 gigs and we dont know if it can even handle streaming 1080p so...
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iTV.. hmm... Kind of good and bad at the same time.
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Bird of Prey
I dont trust it and I dont like it.
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