Thursday, January 11th 2007

Nintendo sells two Wii's for every Sony PS3 in Japan

In Japan, where both Nintendo and Sony originate, the competition is really fierce between technology companies. Sony is so far losing the console war in Japan. Nintendo sold close to a million Wiis in Japan, while Sony sold 466,716 PS3s. Sony had expected to sell a million consoles in Japan, though whether or not Sony's lack of sales is due to low supply is unclear. Microsoft's Xbox360 also did not do very well in Japan.Source: The Inquirer
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Azn Tr14dZ
The Xbox Consoles never do well in Japan, I don't know if it's the games that don't attract Japanese gamers, or because it's made by an American Company (Microsoft), but I heard that an RPG (Blue Dragon) help boost sales of the Xbox 360 a bit.
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ya, well the hell would want a wanna be Xbox 360 in the form of a Sony turd for double the price. i know i dont.
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id say its price and games, japan loves its quirky gadgets and id have to say the wii would fall into that catagory
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Semi-Retired Folder
Yeah and Nintendo produces 2 Wiis for every PS3 in Japan. I really don't care about headlines like this until the market has enough supply to actually meet demand. Until then every article like this will simply be translated to "Both the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 continue to sell out".
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Bird of Prey
Yeah, and they seem to be anti american console maker. Though the 360 is MS best work to date. (Have to credit them for that)
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Japan has too much pride to buy an Xbox360. If you've ever been there, you'd understand what I mean. On top of that, the Japanese culture can't really handle Action games or RTS games - that's why they stick mainly to slow moving RPGs and many games similar to Guitar Hero and DDR.
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They screw up FPS, thats all I know.
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