Saturday, January 13th 2007

Dell adds some style to its LCDs

Generally speaking, Dell isn’t well known for producing beautiful monitors which sit elegantly on your desk, but this new concept design could prompt a change in direction for Dell. The prototype, although this is unlikely to reach the production stage, features an ultra-flat LCD panel encased in a sheet of glass, with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. The monitor also features build in speakers and a microphone/webcam at the top. The power supply rests on the floor nearer the mains rather than being enclosed within the case, which allows a much thinner screen. Although this may not be to everyone’s tastes, it’s certainly a new image for Dell, but you’ll probably never be given the chance to buy one. Source: Engadget
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Wouldn't mind one, but lose the speakers and the webcam :)
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Apple already has speakers and webcams in their G5 monitors. Mind you, the monitor is basically the PC :D But seriously, that is one mofo beast of a monitor.
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I'd love to see monitors like that with the glass surround, can lose the speakers though
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well its not as ugly as the standard dell monitors, but still ugly in my opinion.
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I doubt you'll ever see anything like this in production. This is a trial balloon. Obviously some folks may like this arangement with the power supply on the floor, and gimmicks, etc. but it's not likely to be a design hit and will likely get canned. The media is just helping Dell evaluate the marketing potential by hyping it, or not.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
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i don't want fking speakers in my monitor! - Those are only for cheap asses who buy big screens to look rich, but only connect a $20 dvd player.
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Gone a bit over board if you ask me
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Bird of Prey
So its an lcd inside a CRT monitor ::rofl::
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there's no cathode ray tube at all, it's just a piece of glass :rofl:
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the speakers and webcam are there to give it a cool "floating" feeling, it would look less stylish with just the would barely be able to see that there is glass there at all
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looks like they hired a modding expert to design their new LCD monitor. not bad but needs some refining, like blue LEDs and no webcam and speakers.
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Easy Rhino said:
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Just think of how easy it would be to clean, though! And you'd never have to worry about scratches again.
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I don't mind the speakers and webcam. Would be quite acceptable for most everyday use - not everyone's gonna have a PC set up with good standalone speakers constantly. In fact, some of the older monitor-mount speakers were quite respectable... and indeed, that setup would be fine for LANs and the like. But it's smaller than my existing monitor! :)
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