Sunday, January 14th 2007

Samsung Aims to Outpace Global Panel Shipments in 2007

Samsung Electronics said it is aiming for stronger growth in its large-size panel shipments in 2007 compared to the overall panel industry. The company also said it is unlikely that large-size panel prices will undergo a significant price reduction during the year. The Korea-based company said its large-size panel shipments will grow 24% from 55.5 million units in 2006 to 68.9 million in 2007 while growth of global shipments will likely reach 22%, from 266 million to 324 million. The strong shipment growth will be mostly driven by a continued stress on larger-size panels and high value-added ones, the maker said. Read the full story here. Source: DigiTimes
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1 Comment on Samsung Aims to Outpace Global Panel Shipments in 2007

Bird of Prey
If they reduce prices, and make them actually affordable, then they will sell more. I know it doesnt cost alot of money to produce these.
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