Sunday, January 14th 2007

Memtest86 ver1.70 Released

After more than a year without any update, here is Memtest86+ V1.70. In my personal opinion this is great memory overclock test for stability written by Chris Brady. This new version comes with complete support for many new chipsets and many new CPUs, including Intel Core/Core2 and AMD K8 with DDR2 memory. Memtest86+ V1.70 now includes a new DMI polling feature in order to show all the memory-related DMI informations. Click here to read the change log.

Download: Memtest86+ ver1.70 Source:
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Bird of Prey
Alright, Ive been waiting for a new release for a looooong while now.
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i still dont understand how u use this program
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Love this program recently ran for 5 hrs to confirm my ram can tough it out at 2-2-2-5 :)
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RickyG512 said:
i still dont understand how u use this program
It's easy to use utility. You have to burn the .iso on a bootable CD or floppy. Now overclock your ram and select your cd-rom or floppy as first bootable device. After the program starts all you have to do is wait for the 10 test to pass without any errors(errors are indicated in red lines). If the test runs for several hours and passes without errors your RAM is 100% stable. Because the whole test takes about 23mins for 1GB you can select the tests you want. Test 5 and test 7 will heat your memory to the max...if they pass without errors your memory will be stable in windows. Test 5 and 7 are also the fast way to try overclocking. Set the new the test, press 1 to select test, then select test 5 and if it runs without errors for 1-3 passes, run the whole test to be completely sure your memory is 100% stable. If you want to overclock more...change your BIOS settings, run memtest test 5...try...and do the steps above till you reach the limit. :toast:
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Ahh great ...good program ,gave it a go already now my ddr2 details show up :)
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