Sunday, January 14th 2007

Ashne Chung video back on YouTube

Earlier this week, YouTube hosted some hilarious footage of Ashne Chung's Second Life character being assaulted by what seemed like a parade of virtual penises...with an emphasis on the hosted. A Digital Millenium Copyright Act complaint forced the video off YouTube, claiming that the video was infriging on copyrights that are on Chung's character. YouTube eventually fought for the rights to put the video back online, claiming that the clip arose from an innocent public CNET interview of her on Second Life. Fortunately for perverts and people looking for a good laugh, the (not safe for work) clip was put back online by friendly YouTube users. You can watch it here.Source: CNET
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12 Comments on Ashne Chung video back on YouTube

i have to say who ever made that video is weird although i did find it amusing non the less
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I'm confused as the most confused you can possibly but, but i chuckled none the less.
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i dont understand that video
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
i cant see it :cry:


just saw it....
that was messed up.
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Second Life looks F***I*G LAME! IMHO
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wtf.... that is the lamest thing i've ever seen.
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not even worth mentionning this "thing" on the news
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blobster21 said:
not even worth mentionning this "thing" on the news
Haha, look how many people replied... must be worth something...
Give Zek a break, he strives to entertain us best he can and I'll bet he threw this one in just for you blobster.

BTW, how many news articles have you posted blobby? :rolleyes:
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Just dropped by to see what happening around here, but i don't post "news" at all, now if you consider this awesome "Ashne Chung video back on YouTube " worth discussing, post on youtube :)
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I'm the only one
my mate told me some "real" bank is opening a branch in the stupid second life game.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat the feck
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