Wednesday, December 20th 2017

Sharkoon Announces Shark Force Pro Optical Gaming Mouse

Sharkoon expands their range of input devices for gamers and, with the SHARK FORCE PRO, introduce an optical gaming mouse in a symmetrical design. The DPI switch on the surface can adjust the sensitivity of the built-in PixArt PAW3307DL-THST sensor in four steps from 400 to 3,200 DPI. The mouse provides six buttons, with the left and right mouse buttons using Omron switches. Five color versions are available, each with color matching LED illumination on the bottom.

The Sharkoon SHARK FORCE PRO, primarily in black, aims directly at price-conscious gamers who prefer easy handling and colorful accents on their mouse mat. The new optical gaming mouse is available in five different color versions, each with a stylish narrow strip running down the surface in the colors black, white, green, red or orange. The permanent LED illumination on the bottom lights up to match the color version, whereby the black SHARK FORCE PRO illuminates blue on the bottom.
The SHARK FORCE PRO is equipped with six buttons, with Omron switches in the left and right mouse buttons ensuring long operating life cycle. Two flat thumbs buttons are located on the left side of the mouse, while the surface offers a clickable mouse wheel as well as a DPI switch. The PixArt PAW3307DL-THST sensor reaches up to 3,200 DPI. Sensitivity is cycled through, and set to one of the preset steps of either 400, 1200, 2400 or 3200 DPI, using the DPI switch. Visually, the illuminated SHARK FORCE logo serves as a DPI indicator displaying the current DPI step, with the brightness ascending brighter with each higher step selected.

The SHARK FORCE PRO polling rate is 1,000 Hertz; the lift-off distance is 1.5 millimeters. Two plastic mouse feet made from PTFE promises the best possible gliding performance, the rubber surface ensures a secure hold in their hand. The lightweight mouse is only 97 grams and connects via a textile braided cable with a gold-plated USB plug.

The Sharkoon SHARK FORCE PRO Optical Gaming Mouse is now available for the suggested retail price of 19.99 euros in authorized retailers.
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Honestly not a bad mouse if you want a splash of color.
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