Sunday, January 21st 2007

Google investing $600m in a new datacenter

Google has announced that it plans to build a new $600m datacenter in North Carolina, which will employ about 200 network and server specialists. The new facility will hold server farms that Google will be using as it continues to develop it’s search engine, in particular the new “Similarity Engine” which should improve results. Google has already been offered $4.8m as an incentive to set-up in North Carolina, which could potentially rise to $100m.Source: DailyTech
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3 Comments on Google investing $600m in a new datacenter

Bird of Prey
Can you believe how big Google has gotten??? Seems like not so long ago, they were just a search engine company formed in college. My, how times change.
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Jimmy 2004
I read an interesting article the other day (I think it was on wired) talking about what might have been if Yahoo had been willing to pay the extra money for Google.
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Google has more money than GOD
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