Tuesday, January 9th 2018

Thermaltake New Level 20 Full-Tower Chassis Astounds at CES 2018

Thermaltake, celebrates the upcoming 20th anniversary by announcing the new Level 20 Full Tower Chassis at CES 2018, is located at the Venetian Hotel Veronese 2402 Suite from January 9 th (Tue) to 12 th (Fri). The Level 20 is the next generation of the legendary Level 10 Extreme Gaming Chassis, which was released around a decade ago. Within these 10 years, Thermaltake achieved several breakthroughs in terms of design and technology. Featuring a gaming oriented design with architectural aesthetics, the aluminum-made Level 20, utilizes an aerodynamic trio chamber structure to achieve ventilation and space management optimization.

The Three hinged swing-doors are made with premium-quality 4mm thick tempered glass windows that provide durability and superb viewing capability. The Level 20 is installed with latest USB 3.1 Type-C port to provide 10G of transmission speed. Furthermore the Level 20 has three built in Riing Plus 14 RGB Fans and two Lumi Plus LED Strips. This can all be controlled with the included Riing Plus RGB Controller and Riing Plus RGB Software, allowing users to custom control fan speeds and lighting effects. Compatible with the latest PC hardware, AIO and DIY liquid cooling solutions, the commemorative Level 20 delivers not just an unprecedented design but also a jaw dropping performance.
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13 Comments on Thermaltake New Level 20 Full-Tower Chassis Astounds at CES 2018

Nice ketchup and mustard cables
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Tempered glass everywhere, but atleast the heat zones are separated nicely.
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Assimilator, post: 3780814, member: 7058"
Top-mounted power supply? In 2018?
Why not? My inwin 101 has it too, looks real fine and not too big. I like it, especially 3 intake fans at the bottom giving clear front panel.
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reminds me of the old stereo system in a glass door shelf unit.
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It's basically the same design as the Level 10

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Joss, post: 3780947, member: 152251"
It's basically the same design as the Level 10

Well, the original masterpiece is missing design here...i love my Level 10, but this new one...not so sure.
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zacao, post: 3780795, member: 176294"
Nice ketchup and mustard cables
The funny thing is they are custom sleeved red and yellow at the power supply end, but then turn white and black by the time they reach the components...
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I just have to give props to Thermaltake for actually trying more unique approaches. I'm sure somebody will find this perfect for their aesthetic.
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Almost tempted to change over from my corsaor540 and try this new case out.
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even thru the hate, I would be into it, if it was wall-mount-able.
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